Judith Chalmers Eat Your Heart Out

So Dan, Fredrik and I just got back from an Italian adventure!
We packed our bags and flew to the land of Limoncello, pasta and mopeds for four days to celebrate the wedding of our good friends Darren and Gemma.

All of our closest friends were there and it really was a lovely four days.
The wedding was in Malcesine (pronounced Malchesiney) , a small town on the shores of Lake Garda and oh my god it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been places, my friend!

The wedding was in a castle, with a boat ride after and a five course feast to follow. The bride was stunning in lace and as she’s a successful shoe designer, the whole thing was a pretty stylish affair.


But the reason I’m writing this blog post is to give new mums to be some essential travel tips when flying or traveling with a baby.

So here we go:

1. I found these handy calpol sachets which I bought in case Freddie started cutting a tooth on hols..they can be packed into hand luggage so made me feel a bit calmer about the flight.


2. I bought this travel pillow from Primark..a friend had recommended taking a best feeding pillow but I don’t have one..This was 4 quid and I just tucked it around Freddie when I fed him to sleep on the plane. Meant I didn’t get a sore arm and kept him safe when I nodded off myself


3. If you’re going to a hot country, don’t pack loads of cute baby outfits..they won’t get touched..I packed an entire large suitcase for Fred and Dan and I shared one..all Fred wrote were short sleeved or sleeveless vests..it was way too hot for anything else.


4. Muslins Muslins Muslins..pack millions. Well, I packed about 15 and I don’t regret a thing. I had them in every bag.

5. For the flight, I put wet wipes, a clean nappy, muslin and a small toy in each hand luggage so when on the plane or the airport I didn’t have to worry about which bag was nearest. Both flights were full so the little handy suitcase I packed with all Fred’s clothes, change mat etc was so far away!

6. Weaning! Don’t be afraid to ask waiters for food for your baby..they were so accommodating every where we went, bringing out boiled veg, fruit and in one place a tomato and mozzarella salad! We were really vigilant about picking everything up off the floor though.


7. We bought this sun visor to attach to our light weight holiday push chair. A lot of these fold up pushchairs have quite small sun visors but this Mothercare one fits any pushchair and folds out to create amazing shade. It also unzips to become a rain cover!

8. Create a facial spritz! A few years ago I filled an empty pump spray bottle with water during a heat wave to keep myself cool..it became a festival essential, especially when I did Glastonbury pregnant…This year it was what I used to keep Fred cool..especially when he was in the pushchair as it can get so hot in there..it’s essentially a little sauna.

9. Don’t go on holiday for four days..The hassle of preparing, packing and traveling requires a longer break in between!

And now here’s a video of me finishing my holiday segment for ITV.


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