For Goodness Cake!

It was Dan’s birthday last week so I made him a six layer rainbow cake…it all seemed to simple..just make the cakes, shove them in the oven, whip up some icing and hey presto!


But it actually took 5 hours of solid work and two people..and it looked like it would never come together until the final 5 minutes….I came very close to tears I’ll be honest. I think I know what it feels like to be on the Great British Bake Off now.

The whole thing was a surprise for Dan and I made it at our friend Lisa’s house..she’d made it before for her daughter Evie’s first birthday so she had all the tins and colours we could tag team look after the babies and whisk egg whites.

The cake took a whopping sixteen egg whites and I’m sorry to say we threw all the yolks in the bin. If I was more of a domestic goddess I would have taken them home and made a giant carbonara for all my friends but I don’t have a kitchen right now so in the bin they go!!


The actual cake making and colour mixing went well but took two hours due to general dawdling..It was the icing that was the bugger..Swiss meringue butter icing! It involved whisking, egg whites, melting, whisking.


After 2 hours trying to make the first batch, while Lisa ran out to pick up get other daughter from school, I whipped up another batch and pulled the whole cake together with five minutes to spare before I had to leave to pick Dan up…

I hid it in a giant nappy box and took it out to the car. Then I dropped it.




I fixed it but the car journey didn’t do it any favours…and now me and Dan have this enormous cake we have to get through together..

It was worth it though, he was so touched…
I was going to give the recipe ibn my own words but to be honest I can’t really remember how I did any of it so I’m not sure my own words would be any help.


Here’s a link though…



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