Kitchen Confidential

I got a new kitchen!

What a bloody saga it was too..I like to always have a saga in my life. I’d only just got over Lara’s Swimming Costume Saga when Lara’s Kitchen Saga began.

The saga is basically that it took 8 days longer than it was meant to..which now feels nothingy and pathetic..during those 8 days though I probably cried hourly, shouted, threatened, ate terrible convenience food, cried some more. I even cried on the phone to Wickes. I also went to Ikea for lunch just to get out of the house.

I mean it’s always fun to go to Ikea…but I waxed 35 quid on baby cushions that look like clouds.

(They’re super cute though)

Anyways..Wickes bunged up the orders and then the workmen were held up and then the workman got a toothache…

Blah blah, it’s the same thing that happens to anyone who ever has work done..I do get that I’m not unique here..

Even so, I felt was that Wickes were the enemy and the workmen were the poor victims…I think I had Stockholm syndrome…

But now it’s basically all done and I LOVE IT.

There are just a few more touches but it’s basically all I need to do is wangle a massive refund from Wickes.

I thought I’d share some before and after shots of our downstairs…




I think you’ll agree I’ve transformed it with my natural flair for paying other people to do DIY for me.






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