A little window into my life with a 7 month old

Fredrik turned 7 months this week and I’ve been pondering what an odd time it it’s and how much my life has changed…

At the moment Fred..

Is teething
Is trying to crawl
Loves to stand
Is still breastfeeding but also eating 3 meals a day.

This means sleep is beyond my grasp and the days are spent preparing food and cleaning it up again while also finding activities to keep Fred entertained and happy.

It is great though too..what’s so lovely is being able to actually sit and play with Fred..and it’s not just me doing all the entertaining; we’re playing together!

Sure, I can’t go out each day to meet mum friends and drink lattes..now we go to baby groups or go swimming.

I feel like I’m on this amazing journey with my baby that keeps changing and getting better and better.

I’m more capable too..today started off so rubbish..I was feeling ill and tired from a virus and my morning just went terribly..but I still kept my house clean and tidy, made ice cream, made cookies, made a pasta bake for me and Fred for lunch, made dinner, took Fred swimming and finished off the day with a gorgeous co sleeping nap.

Isn’t life amazing?

Apart from teething..that sucks. Last night there was screaming for a full hour which can feel so upsetting that you can’t help them and make them feel better. But apart from that…oh and that bit earlier when I locked myself out and had to climb over the neighbor’s fence. And when I cried at the doctor’s surgery.

It’s a rollercoaster, guys.

Anyways that’s how I feel today..ask me in a week and it might be different story.

Here are some photos of my precious little boy…








3 thoughts on “A little window into my life with a 7 month old

  1. The Two Savings Sisters says:

    He’s absolutely beautiful Lara. And you’re right, it is amazing. I just wish there was slightly more sleep involved in parenting. My teeth are a lovely shade of pale yellow these days with all the coffee I inhale. Apart from just after my twice yearly trips to the Dentist when she shakes her head, cleans them and then 3 days later they’re gross again!


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