Lara’s Mascara Top Pick

I recently decided to buy a waterproof mascara because every day mine was melting off my face (this was due to the now fabled heatwave in June) or getting rubbed off due to tired eyes or spritzed off with my facial spritz.

I went to boots and thought..oo I’ll get a Clinique one with my boots points!
But this boots was really rubbish and didn’t have a Clinique counter so I had to settle for No.7.
I say settled but I actually really like No.7 and I have loads of trusty makeup and beauty products from there…but I WANTED Clinique that day.

Anyways I got this lengthening mascara and woah Nelly it’s brilliant. It’s become my main every day mascara..


Check this out…
No mascara….(sorry I look so angry)



With mascara…



Long lashes huh!??

And that’s Larsy’s seal of’re welcome.


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