Staycation British Seaside Chic

Last week Dan, Fredrik and I packed our bags and drove to Norfolk for a family holiday with his Nan and Grandad, siblings and their families.
We stayed in a massive 7 bedroom house in Cromer that had an aga, a hot tub, a table tennis room, two living rooms and a secret panic room.

Oh by the way I hate agas they’re rubbish. Each time any of us made dinner it took 5 hours and was ruined cos of that thing. Also the entire house was BOILING because of it. I did dry some washing near it though very quickly so it had one purpose.

Yes. I do laundry on holidays. Didn’t you know I need to do five loads a day since I had Fred?

Anyways…Cromer is lovely..I’ve been quite a few times before as my best friend in uni was from there..but all my memories of the place are of getting drunk on the beach and skinny dipping..this time round was a much more wholesome affair…

And what to wear for a windy, rainy British seaside holiday?


This was my favorite outfit of the week because it sums up British summertime…it’s a summer dress, but I’ve added a jumper and trainers and a windswept hair do.


The dress is Zara, the jumper Topshop and the trainers are Converse.


Oh and here’s one of Fred in the hot tub. He’s such a baller.


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