Faux money faux problems!

I called this blog post this because my outfit features faux leather! HAHAHAHAH HILARIOUS.

An outfit of the day post!


Today I went to visit my friend Chris and his lovely housemate Robin Taylor.
They live in zone 2! Fancy!

I didn’t want to rock up to their cool flat in cool town looking like a daggy mum so I tried something different with my outfit today.

I recently sorted out my wardrobe..Every 6 months or so I realise my wardrobe is a total mess and I freak out and HAVE TO SORT IT OUT. I also only like clothes hanging up that I would wear any day so anything that doesn’t fit needs to be put away. Ditto anything for the wrong season.
I’ve also been buying up nice hangars from Primark…so Dan kindly watched the baby on Sunday even though I’d been out all day Saturday, so I could spend 2.5 hours doing a wardrobe tidy.


The reason I’ve told you all this is because I now have loads of clothes hanging nicely that I’d forgotten about! And they’re easy to find cos I colour coded.

So I put on this asos shirt (with faux leather collar) and zara trousers (with faux leather pocket detail) on a whim. And I liked it! But I wanted to show I don’t have a massive fat “I just had a baby” belly anymore so I tied the shirt at my waist. I’d seen on the vogue website that this is very “in”.
And I liked it more!!






I wore the outfit with pointed zara flats which I love, and berry nails and I felt like a cool fashion forward mummy about town.

And there you have it.
Catch you later!

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