A Tale of Unrequited Love

There’s a love story unfolding in our house. It’s quite touching but also sad as it’s completely one sided.

Fredrik has been in love with Jamie Lannister (Lanny) the cat since he could see. When she saunters into the room his face lights up and he looks at me with glee. If she walks right up to him or glides past, tantalisingly close, he tries to grab fistfulls of her fur (his version of a cuddle). Of course at 9 and a half months old he’s also incredibly mobile and he will doggedly (cattedly?) chase after her until he gets a bit of that sweet fur in his hands.


The problem is that Lanny hates children. She barely tolerates adults but she really hates children. If any kids come round she hisses at them and runs away. It’s not hate actually..it’s stone cold fear which translates to hate. Like me and rats


She disappeared through this tiny door!

She’s got a lot of issues actually..she’s afraid of all the neighborhood cats and she has an eating disorder..She eats her feelings.

And now she has a small monster terrorising her. High places are her friend.



I can’t feel too sorry for her though..sometimes she goes and just sits next to Fred and waggles her tail in his face. Tease!

But she’s never hissed at Fred. And she sometimes gives him a little nip as a warning but has never bitten or scratched. I think she knows he’s a bit pathetic. Takes one to know one!

I think when he’s older and he understands how to feed her, they’ll become fast friends.


Here’s a cute video from my instagram…


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