OOTD: Cosy but sick as a dog

Fred and I are currently getting over a bout of viruses and bugs… He had the unfortunately named hand foot mouth disease (blisters all over and extremely depressed!), then he got a terrible cough and cold and then I got an awful tummy bug! This has meant no baby groups, no outings no visitors really for a few weeks… This last week was really hard. Dan was off work and I was in bed hiding from Fred, resting. I say hiding cos when he sees me he wants breast milk. All day every day. And when i was sick too it was so draining. And I really missed him! It was horrible being upstairs when I could hear him down stairs.
But anyways.. On Saturday I was feeling a bit better so we decided to go on an Autumnal walk (by the way, Autumnal is my absolute favourite word ever)


I wore Zara jeans (I love these jeans.. If they were just more high waisted they’d be perfect) and my new snuggly jumper from ASOS.
Of course it was actually really warm on Saturday when the sun came out and for most of the walk we were walking INTO the sun. So I boiled. Of course.

But when the sun went away it was actually the perfect AUTUMNAL outfit. Unforch, my illness took a horrible turn for the worse halfway through the walk and it was pure hell to be out and about. When we got in I went straight to bed. But at least I got to wear contact lenses and lipstick for a few hours.


Jeans Zara
Jumper ASOS
Trainers Converse
Earrings Oliver Bonas

Finally it looks like I only have one hand in this picture but I think I was trying to look cosy by pulling my hand in. Weird.



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