Cruel Intentions

Well now that Fred is one I’ve decided I need to shift some of this darned baby weight..

Note to anyone who’s planning on having a baby..breastfeeding your baby does NOT equal being able to eat whatever you want and the weight still melt away…

I did live on cake, chockie bickies and magnums at one point and I lost some weight anyways..But I’m talking a couple of pounds over a year! Well probably 8 lbs..then Christmas happened.

So anyway I’ve decided to go on a diet..for one month I’ll be “eating clean” which basically means no processed no refined bread or pasta unless it’s a weird special kind..

To give you some examples of what I’m for breakfast I had a smoothie in our magic healthy smoothie maker. It had kale, apple, pear, almond milk and banana.


For lunch I had a quinoa bowl with quinoa, roasted butternut, yellow pepper, spring onion, chick peas, avocado, feta and rocket.


For dinner we had prawns cooked in avocado pesto with brown rice!


Sorry this does actually look rank but it was very tasty

The most important thing I guess is that I can’t have booze or bread which will curb some bad habits.

Doing this diet is the only thing that kept me going through the Christmas period when I was so bloated I looked pregnant and none of my rings fit. Even my big rings I only wear when I’m hot!

I’m also hoping it will help with these headaches I’ve been getting every day…

I’ll let you know how I get on in a month!

Also I’m trying to do my pelvic floor exercises, my knee physio stretches and floss my teeth. And wash my face every night before bed. EVERY NIGHT!!

I know that might sound rank to you that I don’t already floss or wash my face every day but by bedtime I’m SO TIRED I can’t be bothered sometimes. It’s just who I am ok?

Not any more!
For the month of January anyway.


3 thoughts on “Cruel Intentions

  1. Life of Lime says:

    I wish I could cook like that. I’m a terrible cook lol. And a lazy one at that. I just had a baby 4 months ago. It’s just a struggle to cook all day or prepare all the healthy foods. I’m so busy with the baby and keeping the house clean and organized. I rarely floss my teeth, but of course I brush plenty. Super bad habit I need to break. And I try to wash my face every night, but when I’m ready for bed…I’m ready. So it’s not rank you don’t do it lol. It’s probably normal. If I don’t get to washing it I use a baby wipe and at least try to clean it before going to bed. Lazy… I know 😛 Good luck with the healthy eating, it looks delicious!


    • larsville says:

      Oh god when my baby was 4 months I didn’t do ANY cooking! I bought a lot of pre prepared veg and just chucked it in the slow cooker with some meat and stock…couldn’t manage much more than that!


      • Life of Lime says:

        Well good to know it’s not just me lol. I can get to about hamburger helper. Anything that takes longer is a struggle. She’s been wanting held all the time and has been eating so much. I breastfeed so I have to stop what I’m doing lol.


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