Squeaky Clean

This week I gave myself a mini facial. “What’s a mini facial?” I hear you ask…well, it’s when you nip upstairs to put some laundry away and while you’re up there you spot all the lovely goodies you got for Christmas and decide to use them all real quick before your husband notices you’ve been gone.


I was a very lucky girl this year and I got loads of no. 7 stuff which I love so while I was locked in the bathroom for 7 minutes I cleansed my face with this lovely balm…you rub it all in and it just melts the makeup off. I use a flannel to remove it..I do this every day, morning and night (if I can be bothered) with a new flannel each time.


Then I used this other stuff that I got for my birthday last year..It’s called Magic Rite, Born Yesterday by Mary Quant…you rub it on, leave it a bit and it goes all hot and then you massage your face and then you wash it off. It feels nice! And if it magically makes your face hot it must be good eh?


Then I use this exfoliate..just rub it in, wash it off.


Then I put on night cream…It was almost night! And then eye cream.


Very quick and look how well scrubbed I looked afterwards!


And there you have it.
It was a lovely treat, my skin has felt quite nice since and it didn’t take long.
You don’t need fancy products either…you can swap out the face balm stuff for coconut oil and the hot massage stuff for a homemade honey or egg white face mask (or any home made face mask!) And you can exfoliate with nutmeg mixed into milk, it really works. I don’t have a home remedy for eye cream though. Sorry. Or night cream. Just Google it ok have some independence!

Ok bye!


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