When I was preggo with Fred, my mum and dad v kindly offered to buy us a pram, pushchair, travel system thingy.
Buying our pram, pushchair travel system thingy is the biggest fuck up I’ve ever made. Excuse my language but that’s what it was.

My process of buying our Cosatto Giggle Treet travel system (i know right) went like this…

Sister in law sends me link to Mothercare sale
I see pic of cosatto blah blah system..
I go oo it’s pretty and it’s half price!
I buy it.


After we got it we realised it didn’t come with a car seat so then we separately bought the matching car seat.


Once the baby came we got a subscription to Which? Magazine and now we ONLY buy Which best buys. I also cross reference with comments on mumsnet and other mum blogs.

I can’t believe for two such important aspects of a mum’s life, pushchair and car seat..I did no research, no comparing, nothing.
The truth is, you don’t really know what you’re looking for in a pram until you’re using it every day but literally 5 minutes of googling would have brought up safer car seats and more practical pushchairs. 10 minutes browsing in John Lewis would have shown that the pram I chose wasn’t rubbish but could have been better.
Well you don’t know but it’s a big regret.

Anyways, for the last year I’ve been a massive pram bore..I’m always telling anyone who’ll listen about my pram woes..strangers at the bus stop, mum friends, baby group leaders, all my friends who don’t even have babies…ANYONE…And probably over and over again.
Pram bore.

Well no more!
I researched the best pram on the market..the uppababy vista..and I bought a second hand one on gumtree yesterday!
It’s so brilliant…


To the untrained eye this might not look much different to the one I already have and the untrained eye is wrong.

Now I’ll sell my own on ebay or gumtree..hopefully potential buyers won’t read this blog or I’ll lose the sale.

It’s a great pram ok I’m only selling cos it doesn’t suit ME and my lifestyle.

Advice for expecting mums…do a little bit of research before you buy and having a big shopping basket underneath is the most important thing you could ask for!


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