Gonna work it out

Well next week my maternity leave comes to an end..I’ve been off work now for almost 14 months and now I have to leave my precious little boy and be a normal person again…


I got this app where I can draw on photos I love it

Yesterday I read a blog on Selfish Mother about returning to work after a baby (she called it a mumback..amazing) and it inspired me to share my feelings on the matter…

I haven’t been thinking about it really..I’ve been maybe in denial about it happening…or I’ve accepted it so wonderfully that I’m not bothered. I’m not 100% which one it is. Either way I’m not feeling any anxiety. Although today I started having a mini freak out about money so maybe I’m transferring again.

One thing I know for sure..when I go back I want everyone to think..wow she looks great. I want to look slamming, cool and profesh.

Woo independent career woman over here!

I should probably worry more about how I might not know how to do my job anymore but I’m not. A friend recently went back to work and she was feeling anxious about not being good at what she does anymore..she then told herself “hey, a man would never doubt himself like this” and stopped.

I think that’s so true! I’ve talked a Iot on here about how much I doubt myself as a mother..do dads do that? I guess they’re not normally the sole care giver all day but I know Dan doesn’t ever doubt himself or his fathering abilities…

So my approach to returning to work is “OF COURSE I CAN DO IT…I did it for ages and got really far and did really well before my year away to RAISE A CHILD AND FEED HIM WITH MY OWN BREASTS”

But in my mission to return to work looking great, I have my capsule wardrobe sorted. I’ll give myself a facial and manicure at the weekend. I would take a long relaxing bath too but our bath is really narrow and my bum gets stuck.

And to feel organised and in control, on Sunday I’ll batch cook loads of meals and freeze them for Fred’s dinners and I’ll make loads of quinoa for mine and Dan’s lunches cos I’m obsessed with quinoa bowls.

Oh yeah and I have these cool pencils and notebook.



I’ll let you know how it goes obviously…
And btw you can check our daily updates of my capsule wardrobe on my instagram page although after living it for a month I’ll do a post on it all and how it went…
You can also see daily updates of all my food (yippie for you).


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