My First Day Back: LIVE BLOG!!

Hi is my first day back at and I’m LIVE BLOGGING IT!

Stay tuned for my updates throughout the day…

I’m on the 6.51 train which bodes very well as I did assume my first update would be me moaning about the trains.
I woke up way before my alarm today and snuck around trying not to wake the baby which wasn’t easy cos I had to make my nutribullet..also packed myself a flask of coffee!
I got a bit emoshe walking out the door but now I’m listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast and feeling better…wondering if my makeup is ruined yet..also my fringe looks terrible..catch you later!

On my third train…have done so much fast walking already I’m bound to lose a stone in the next month.
Keep getting panicked I’m on the wrong train and I keep smiling at strangers cos I forgot you’re not meant to do that. Forgot I was streaming my podcast so it cut out as soon as I went underground. Dammit. I’ve just left the earphones in though to “blend in”.
Got my flask out too…mainly cos I was worried about spillage..I’m not even tired..I’ve had SEVEN HOURS CONTINUOUS SLEEP…. I can do anything on that…


I seem to be running on some kind of crazy adrenaline..I’m in a super good mood, I keep smiling at things that aren’t happy or how the organisation is basically collapsing and no one will have a job anymore soon…he took his nap at the usual time and hasn’t woken up yet guys! Stop panicking!
Side office is a dump.
I’m not even hungry yet and all I’ve had to eat today is nothing..just my veggie shake..maybe putting half an avocado in it worked!

Have texted my parents twice for baby updates..I’m so lucky Fred’s with them and not at a nursery that I have to call up for reassurance.


Been on hold with IT for twenty mins already.


Popped out to try and buy some ginger tea bags and get a fringe trim…
I’m feeling pretty good..people seem genuinely happy to have me back and interested in how I’ve been..just had a chat with two people about Baby Jake and In the Night Garden..
I’ve been very careful not to go into detail with anyone about Fred’s nap schedule because as I learned on my keep in touch day..people don’t care!

I’ve also had a colleague give me a really great compliment on my skills..
One person said oh god how do you feel being back do you feel like you have no skills and I was like no not really..would a man feel like that? No way. So neither do I ..shout out to Kirsty for that gem of advice!


Well I’m done at work for the day! I’m on the tube home at the moment…as a jolly little treat, my entire water bottle emptied in my bag and I had to pour it out into my coffee flask on the floor of the district line train. Fun!

Apart from that I’ve had a good day. It’s been so surreal..I’ve felt completely normal being there..doing profesh stuff and discussing projects. It’s been a pretty easy day but my manager and friend, Felicity, asked me to do a piece of work and she was pretty chill about hey if you have time for this could you do it but don’t worry…but I felt like I HAD to do it quickly and get it back to first challenge! And she was really impressed. It’s such a small thing but I’m glad my first day wasn’t just sitting on hold with IT and sorting my badge out.

Now I’ll drip home to Fred..
I’ll update later on our tearful reunion.
FYI he’s apparently been having the best day ever, laughing his head off and sleeping for hours on end.




Well the baby is asleep…I managed some precious time with him..It actually wasn’t that precious cos he shoved me out of the way to get to my dad when I got in..then my mum kept hogging him..But it was still lovely to see him.
We had a lovely milk cuddle at bedtime too.

All in all, I had a good day..this is doable. I’m a capable professional womanmum.
Yes. Womanmum.

Thanks for sticking with me today I hope you enjoyed my blow by blow account!

Here’s a pic of our tearful goodbye this morning..well..I was tearful..he was trying to watch Baby Jake.


9 thoughts on “My First Day Back: LIVE BLOG!!

  1. Katherine says:

    Loved reading that. I’m actually welling up on the train! But I also smiled and laughed too. Hope day 2 goes well. I once poured an entire cup of tea into my handbag on the way to work (well it leaked as I was running for the train). Another mum at work thought it was hilarious as really only the type of thing a mum does! You are very lucky to have your parents looking after Freddie. Have to catch up soon. Xxxx


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