SPRING into my Capsule Wardrobe

I was going to try and feature everything in my spring wardrobe but that’s NUTS.
So I thought I’d feature some of the new bits I bought to update my capsule wardrobe for spring.
As you can see..spring for me equals YELLOW.


Jamie Topshop jeans, yellow cashmere Boden jumper, Boden Dolly dress, patterned H&M skirt, Zara black jacket,

The Zara isn’t actually new but it’s a top item for Spring.

Someone told me once that I shouldn’t wear yellow but I don’t know why…maybe I should get my colours done in Debenhams.

I think I’ve learned that I suit bold colours rather than pastels so I think this yellow Boden jumper is ok for me.

The Boden dress, I wear with a bright yellow necklace to break up the pale colours near my face and also the high neck so it’s not a sea of  boob.


I love it the H&M skirt..especially paired with the yellow jumper and this necklace from Zara.


And there you have it!


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