Je T’aime Jamie

This is a post about jeans! Although it could easily have been about Jamie Oliver so don’t worry if you feel stupid.

I love Jamie jeans from Topshop. If you’ve seen my instagram page and my 30 days of my capsule wardrobe, you’ll know they’re a staple for me.

I’ve actually worn them for years pre baby but it’s now, post baby that I see their real benefit…

They’re high waisted…this means my jiggly belly is corseted in. Also when sitting on the floor as much as I do..  Rolling around, general Tom foolery…arse and knickers don’t hang out..tops stay firmly tucked in.

They’re stretchy…aforementioned tom foolery is done in comfort.

They’re “ankle grazers”…their words not mine. As a total shorty, I find it hard to get jeans in the right length/waist ratio…because these are meant to be short they just come up the right length on me! (Try getting a waist 32 leg 28 in topshop it’s the fucking holy grail)

They’re only 40 quid but I’ll be honest I tear though them pretty fast so I’m on the look out for a more hardy brand that may cost more but will last longer…the problem with that obvs being that I don’t stay the same jeans size for long..but share your trusty go to jeans with me!

Anyway, here is a selection of friends and family who love Jamie jeans too just to highlight the range of their appeal.

Me! (I think they make my bum look good hence the bum shot)


Mother of two Tanya (aka my mum)


My baby free friend Hen


My friend Laura, mother to 4 month old baby Martha


And an action shot…check out the cool mittens



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