Be Prepared!!

So as you may know I recently returned to work part time after 14 months of maternity leave.

I mentioned in a previous post, I think, that I’m just not feeling on top of’s really hard to do meal planning, a weekly shop, cook healthy nutritious meals for me, Dan and Fred AND have healthy snacks for Fred, AND stay on top of the laundry AND have a clean, tidy house. AND find a way top actually spend quality time with my son on my days off.

Well, before I went back to work I got a cleaner. I don’t see it as a luxury AT ALL. See above for evidence of why.

Everything else is a bit of a struggle.
Fred’s been eating a lot of stuffed pasta, pasta with cream cheese and peas, fish fingers, pasta, fish fillets, pasta.
Yeah I know.

He also is a big snacker and I’ve just been keeping the Freddie Snack Cupboard stocked with various bought “baby” snacks like rice cakes, biscuits and fruit oat bars. The sugar content is pretty high even though they’re “baby” food.

Today I was inspired to change my ways and get on top of stuff. I filled a Tupperware in the fridge with washed fruit, another with cucumber sticks and made him 6 fish pies for his dinners.

I froze half of them and tomorrow I’ll make up 6 portions of vegetable Mac n cheese (yes I know it’s pasta again but it is mainly veg).

Now my plan is to make a daily snack box for Fred and always have a dinner pre planned for him for the days I don’t get home until late.


I even got this fun lunch box to put it all in so I can have it in the fridge and my mum or dad (who watch Fred when I’m at work) have it all to hand!



I want to keep this up I really really do.

And finally, for all you mamas, here’s a great, super healthy, super quick and easy fish pie recipe…

Combine fish pie mix with grated carrot and grated cheese. I don’t add any salt for Fred but I do put in some pepper. Put into one large oven proof dish or some smaller individual portion sized ones…

Boil or steam, then mash some sweet potatoes. Top the fish mix…bake in the oven for about 30 minutes for individual portions or 40 minutes for one big one.

I make these for Fred but it’s great for the whole family…we don’t all eat dinner together so I just make them up as “ready meals” for the kid.


How do you stay on top on being organised when you have to juggle the pressures of motherhood?


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