The Great Hogan Design Challenge

I’m obsessed with my house.
I think if you own a house you understand that it’s a work in progress (working progress??)..I didn’t understand this when we bought our first house right before Fred was born. 
I thought I would make a list, do it all in one go and then that would be it.  It would be done. I also had quite unrealistic expectations about how much stuff really costs.

Anyways I was obvs v wrong. Not only is it impossible to do it all in one go, but you get more ideas as you live in the place. You also get used to other bits and they become less of a priority. Like changing all the light switches and plug fittings to brushed chrome… That will never happen. Because now I want to reposition the dining room light. Or buy a rug I didn’t know I needed.

We’ve recently stepped up our home improvements.. Fred’s a bit older so he’s gone to his Nanna and Gdad’s house a few times while we crack on.
But the room I love the most is our living room.  It’s been coming together based on different bits I impulse buy.. Almost like a miracle.


When we moved in the walls were magnolia with a red feature wall. And the entire house was carpeted in brown. Even the kitchen.

We painted the walls “hare”… Mainly as a gamble..We’d decided to paint the big ugly fireplace white and so I couldn’t have white walls as I’d originally planned…


Then Dan bought this Hockney print and I thought oh the walls go with little parts of it.. I should get something teal for this room..that ended up being this teal ottoman…A teal John Lewis blanket soon followed..then I got cushions with yellow in to go with the diving board in the print… And then I went yellow mad…




Now I’m left with this lovely room that is held together by this amazing rug but I’m left with the curtains from when yellow or geometric shapes weren’t a feature of the room.  And I’m stuck.
I think  plantation shutters would look best but they cost the earth and I don’t think it’s worth it for a house that isn’t a forever home.. So I just do nothing. 

Any ideas folks?

I also want to paint this blanket box white but leave the top wooden.. It’ll go better with the other white woodwork in here (painted white shelves,  painted white fireplace, painted white TV table) and the little white and wood nest of tables I got from  Habitat..



Oh and now I want this sofa…


Anyways this post was a little window into my lounge.. Watch this space for one on my bedroom and hallway!


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