Desperately Seeking Maternity Wear

So it’s a well known fact that I love shopping. That I’m pretty much addicted to clothes and shopping. LOL GIRLS LOVE SHOPPING AND SHOES LOL.

I’m sorry to womanhood for being a cliché but I do fight the patriarchy daily so I think it’s ok. Apart from when I took my husband’s surname. Ahem.

Ok. Moving on.
I love shopping. I buy new clothes monthly. Often more.
However I’m on a massive economy drive; Meal planning, packed lunches, weekly shops in Aldi, making filter coffee in the office instead of picking one up from pret. NO CLOTHES.
We need to get ourselves out of a bit of a hole and get SAVING.. For when I’m on mat leave.
The other day I went through my calendar with my mat leave policy and a calculator, adding up my monthly salary from now until next October, factoring in half pay and no pay deductions…making a budget and building possible savings targets. I’m VERY good at planning budgets. I’m not so great at the execution.

But back to shopping.
While I can’t shop, I CAN dream. And plan. And plot.
Next month I can shop!

What do I need?
I need work clothes. And tops. And ray bans.

This is what I’ve come up with as a realistic wish list…


I’ve explored the Topshop website and found a really versatile black maternity tube skirt.. Great for work AND play. Great with tights AND bare legs. Perfect.
Also some dark maternity jeans can be dressed up or down and will look really good for work with colourful flats and a blouse.
I’ve picked out a loose but interesting white tshirt and a grey sleeveless top.
Everything here is versatile, dress uppable and dress downable…
And some Ray Bans. Cos I’ve been rocking the same pair of white wayfarers since 2008 and when Dan used to borrow them he made them too big and they won’t stay on my face anymore.

And that’s my wish list!
Perfect transitional, early mat wear.
Wish me luck!


VARSITY BLUES. Or second pregnancy woes. And highs.

I’m 13 weeks pregnant with my second child and it feels very different to the last time. When I was pregnant with Fred, two years ago, I remember time DRAGGING. I wouldn’t say time is flying by but the weeks are certainly slipping away unnoticed. I used to count the days until I was another week pregnant and that wait for my first scan was AGONY.

To combat that long wait, I told the midwife service that I was two weeks more pregnant than I actually was.  So I had a scan at 10 Weeks instead. As soon as I’d done it I regretted it. The scan didn’t seem far away at all and I started stressing about taking Fred along with me…in the end it was lovely seeing my baby and getting the pictures but I had to go back two weeks later anyway! What a pain. I wish I’d done that with my first pregnancy though so any new pregnant mums out there it’s  a great trick! But the logistics of going for extra scans now when I have  a toddler are compliacted and not worth it…

Another thing that’s different is the last time round I was so joyously telling everyone at work…I’M PREGNANT! This time I’m a little reluctant.. I’m still telling people, obvs. I can’t change my personality.. But I’m a little embarrassed that I’m pregnant again so soon. I’m sure there will be some people who think it’s a bit odd but in general people don’t care, they’re just happy for me. I should stop being so coy really.

I remember unrelenting tiredness in the first weeks of pregnancy with Fred.. This time it seemed so so so much worse.. I was getting terrible headaches, dizziness and nausea.. Also had  a sinus infection so there was about a month where Dan had to do all the cooking, cleaning and childcare while I lay about groaning. I don’t remember it being this bad with Fred but I guess back then if I couldn’t do anything it didn’t really matter cos we had no responsibilities! This time I only work part time so I don’t like to take sick leave, I can’t nap whenever I like, working from home is difficult cos Fred is there with my parents, and I have a little person who’s absolute favourite thing is making me lie on the floor while he jumps on me and climbs over my head. It probably is quite fun though tbf.

I guess in general though I’m just a bit more chilled out about everything… And I also know more about the amazing bits of equipment you can get so my online baskets are getting pretty full… Hello ergo 360, stocke tripp trapp, sleepyhead and snuzpod!

Here are some photos of Fred’s favourite thing.


Maternity Style: Here we go again

So now that I’m 12 weeks pregnant,  I’m having to figure out maternity style again.. I looked back over my early blog posts from the last time and I learned a few things.. I was a lot thinner then.. Plus I had a lot of time to stand around in the garden while Dan took photos of me.  Plus,  I started showing a lot earlier this time around and none of my clothes fit already.. I think I held out til 20 weeks for maternity jeans last time.. I bought them at 11 weeks with this pregnancy. 

So far I have about a million lovely dresses that are perfect for maternity.. I’m all set for hot days off and weekends.. I’m NOT set for work. Especially with this transition season of sometimes cold sometimes boilsville.

On Friday it was a gorgeous day and I knew I’d be warm so I spent about 45 minutes pulling clothes from hangars and getting stressed that nothing looked professional enough.. Nothing fit.. Nothing was cool.


I ended up with this Jersey skirt I’ve had for few years that was a maternity staple last time around but this time is already a bit tight and won’t stand the test of my ever growing belly.. For now it would just about do.
I wore it with a black body suit and I think I look like I’m about to do an interpretive dance. I added red Boden shoes which I love and my yellow rucksack.

It was comfy and I didn’t get too hot, plus I got a compliment on my colours.. So that’s good! But I felt daggy.

Here’s to my 3 day a week struggle. Watch this space for solutions….