Lido’nt think it’s hot enough for this

So yesterday was father’s day and for Dan’s special father’s day treat he wanted to go to the Brockwell Lido gym.  We used to live by this park in South East London and it’s so beautiful.. And the lido itself is a really cool old art deco building with an Olympic size pool. I mean.. It’s really big. I think it’s probably Olympic sized. We’ll go with that.
Anyways we used to be members of the gym and it’s a really good one with a spa so that’s what he wanted to do.. Have a great work out,  chill out in the jacuzzi and steam room and then jump into the unheated lido pool.

But what about me and Fred? Well we went for a coffee in the cafe and then hung out by the lido. It wasn’t really nice enough weather most of the time although I still got sunburned. And i couldn’t swim cos Fred refused to get into the icy cold water. He just wanted to go round every single puddle he could find and splash his feet. Which resulted in a total slip over and bang of the head. It didn’t put him off though. He did this for a full hour. And went round every towel lying on the floor and happily stamping his feet on them.

After this Dan joined us and I had a proper swim.. 6 lengths. It tired me out no end cos the pool seemed to have a proper current I had to swim against. But it made me decide I needed to start exercising  regularly..twice a week go swimming once a week do yoga. It’s HAPPENING. You heard it here first!

And what to wear to the pool when you’re 17 weeks pregnant,  have ginormous preggo boobs and a big tummy that at this point just looks fat rather than actually pregnant?
Why a bikini of course!

I bought this from marksys a few weeks ago.. I figured the giant pants would work well for me.. And the bikini top came in a bra size, rather than a clothes size. This is one of my biggest bugbears..swimwear should ALWAYS come in bra sizes. I wouldn’t buy a size 14 bra,  why would I buy a size 14 bikini top? Nuts.

And why doesn’t my bikini match? Well I’m not sure I just fancied it. Plus they didn’t do the giant pants in the red style. So there.
And I’m also sporting my new ray bans. SWISH!


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