OOTD: yes that’s right it’s nautical again

Yes I love nautical! Every time I think I’m out.. They pull me back in…the nautical clothes, that is.
Oh I just remembered a dream from this morning that fred was black! And I went to a wedding for my brother in law’s sister and my outfit was really bad.

Anyway! I just bought this dress from ASOS in a blind panic cos I don’t have  ANY work clothes all of a sudden. They’re all too small for my growing tummy. In case you are new to my blog I’m 18 weeks pregnant, not just really into magnums. Well I’m also really into magnums.

This dress isn’t my usual style, apart from being nautical.. Cos I usually prefer something fitted to show my bump..but I really love this..makes me feel like a cool floaty woman about town.

I’m wearing it with my red Boden shoes and a gold rope necklace from Accessorize. I’d prefer something colourful but my fave yellow necklace broke and I don’t like ANY of my others anymore. I need a statement necklace restock!

And there you have it!
Catch you later.





Sorry about the gormless expression.


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