Muggy is one of my favourite words. Others on the list are antipodean and onomatopeaia. But also muggy. I don’t like it when it is actually muggy though. It’s a sartorial nightmare. You’re hot so you want to dress summery.. But it’s probably wet and overcast too.



So today I’m wearing a pair of maternity jeggings from h&m. Best piece of maternity wear I ever bought and still going after a whole pregnancy with Fred. I essentially wore these every day for 6 months before I had him and carried on after he was born. They are a little worse for wear now.. I need to investigate if they still stock them.

I’m wearing them with a blue cami top from topshop and white fake birkenstocks from marksys which are SO comfy. And only 25 quid! They make a little squeaky noise when I walk but birkenstocks do that too.
I’m also having a no makeup day cos my skin is really bad, I’m guessing from the pregnancy hormones..

And there you have it!
Catch you later!

Here’s a pic of my bump….and Lanny.. Or nanny as Fred calls her..


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