An ode to Betty

I’m a bit obsessed with Betty Crocker cake mix.. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s basically pre packaged cake mix that you mix with eggs, water and oil and bake! Saves on weighing, buying up specific ingredients etc,  saves on time making the thing and you CANNOT GET IT WRONG. Every time anyone has had a birthday since Fred was born I’ve made one. All different flavours, different icing and toppings and I’ve  settled on  a favourite…any sponge, with jam and fresh whipped cream in the middle..and then fresh fruit and whipped cream on top. It’s such a show stopper!

In past weeks I’ve done chocolate sponge with raspberry jam, whipped cream and fresh blackberries…Vanilla sponge with whipped cream, raspberry jam and a lemon drizzle top… and yesterday for Fred’s half birthday I did zesty lemon sponge with whipped cream, blueberry jam and fresh raspberries!

Once I even made a vanilla sponge.. Split it into 3 cakes.. Dyed each one a different pink and iced buttercream roses all over! I could spend the time on the icing rather than the cake making. 

I don’t know what it is about it.. But you just can’t get it wrong. It turns out moist and fluffy every time. If I make my own cake, it normally is dry. MAGIC. 

I should point out this IS NOT a sponsored post. It might be there are other reliable brands to try but I’m too afraid. I’m hooked! 

Here’s Fred with his cake… 


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