Home made facial! 

So I have hormonal pregnancy skin plus I’ve always had a problem with excessive sebum.. That’s blackheads to you. I mostly have OK skin, but just around my jawline I get little blackheads and they’re the BANE OF MY LIFE. 

I spend most of my time wishing I could just get a facial my life would be perfect. But I think ooo 50 quid for a facial.. I’ll wait till next month. Then I wax 30 quid in boots on nothing and another 20 in H&M on “loungewear”. But my budgeting issues are for another day. 

Anyway.. I’ve been googling home blackhead remedies. I tried a milk and cinnamon scrub..an egg white mask..and last week I bought some bentonite clay from Amazon so I could make a clay mask!

The clay I bought is branded as having magical aztek healing powers. It comes as a powder and cost about a tenner.. Bit less. I cleansed my face, exfoliated with this dermalogica knock off of a powder exfoliator..Then put on the mask. You mix the powder with apple cider vinegar to make a paste and then just smear all over your face. The vinegar stung my eyes a little so I gave the eye area a wide birth. 

It said to leave on for 10 minutes for sensitive skin and 20 minutes for normal so I waited 10.. It dried SO TIGHT I couldn’t move my face…washed it off with warm water and a flannel and then lathered my face in coconut oil. 

I was going to do it a few times before I did a post about it.. But this was two days ago and I can already see a difference!! I’m amazed! It really does have magical aztec healing powers! 


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