Crafty as a fox who graduated with a first in craftiness. 

So there are about 5 million home improvement jobs on my list and half of them involve painting existing furniture. We painted our fireplace white when we moved in (it was a horrible shiny pine) and we painted an old tv table. Both were relatively simple (I did one while on mat leave and it took me 3 weeks to work myself around to it and I did the other one over 3 days when Freddie was a baby). So then I thought wow I’ll paint ALL our furniture!

In my sights are a Hemnes chest of drawers..some Ikea shelves, a blanket box, 6 dining chairs and a dining table. And a stool. And a step stool. 

I can’t even be bothered to wash my own face yet I’ll be doing this much painting over the next 5 months. 

Anyway I read about this magical paint called Annie Sloan chalk don’t need to sand and prime…you just paint right on! Magic! 

So I bought a tester pot (which they recommend will cover a small dresser) and the corresponding finishing wax and painted an Ikea step stool. 

And look! I love it!

I painted it Barcelona Orange cos I noticed I had a lot of accents of red and orange in my kitchen.

The paint is a bit took a while to get used to it…it’s very thick and I was putting too much it dries super fast so don’t pour loads into the paint tray..

With the wax too it’s a lovely affect. And so easy. The small pot just about covered this small stool though and I only did one was 6 quid and a proper big pot is 20 quid! So I think all my other furniture can wait.

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