Baby style!!

So I don’t really tend to go shopping to actual shops that much but I look online a LOT. And I haven’t been able to resist looking at little girl’s clothes for that one who resides in my tummy. And while I was at it I had to look for Fred too. 

This is probably the first time I’m feeling the pinch of my wallet due to Fred’s need for clothing…so far everything has been mega cheap and I hadn’t needed to buy a lot of stuff in one go. We had one rainy day and I freaked out that all of Fred’s winter clothes are too small. Also I think Fred’s got a style now. Yes it might be 100% imposed by me but it’s a style nonetheless. 

His style mostly consists of “anything from Zara” which is quite similar to my own style funnily enough.  

So even though it’s August I bought him a yellow puffer coat and a selection of trousers and long sleeved t-shirts. 

I heard from an unreliable source that it’ll be a very hot Autumn (it’s hot every Autumn I can vouch for this from my tweets from the last 7 years where I’m constantly tweeting all through Sept to December “I’m boiling argh why did I wear a coat”) so these should tide him over until the black Friday Boden sales. 

And what about the little girl? The one who resides in my tummy? Well it’s basically nuts to buy her stuff. Most of Fred’s new born clothes will be fine for her cos boy’s sleepsuits are very gender neutral (woodland animals and nautical)..and really she’ll just be in sleep suits for the first few people will probably buy her when she’s born the winter sales will be on. But I had to buy SOMETHING to put I her little drawer. 

So I bought her these…

They’re from NEXT and the tights not only have hedgehogs on the knees but also one on the bum. The cutest thing I’ve EVER SEEN. I like to cuddle it. 

And there you have it. Should I get Fred some mustard dungarees with a hedgehog on so they can match? Yes. Of course. 


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