Pinterest my house. NOW!

So I’m very much into making over my house at the mo. Am I “nesting” ? Maybe! 

I think there are always bits and bobs you want to change about your house..It’s a never ending cycle. And with Instagram and Pinterest it’s probably heightened cos I can look at very stylised people’s houses, rooms, corners etc and think YEAH I CAN DO THAT. 

The main focus of my attention is my bedroom. When the little girl comes she’ll need to share with us probably till she’s one..Freddie moved into his own room when he was not even quite 6 months, but we only have two bedrooms so she’ll have to bunk with us until we think they’re ready to share or we can move…to a bigger house! (Simpson’s quote).

Anyway, with this in mind I was looking for space saving ideas and thought a bed with lots of storage would be good. Which led to me finding the Ikea brimnes bed. Perfect!

The deep headboard means we don’t need bedside tables which means we could get a king size and still have space for a cot for the little girl!

But it’s not very stylish. Which led to my pinterest search of “ikea brimnes bed hack”. Which led to these inspirations for my bedroom…

Which led to this…

Which led to this…

Which led to this…

I’ve been busily painting mirror frames with Annie Sloan chalk paint and planning how I can restyle my bedroom to a copper/rose/grey theme. I’m going to spray paint things copper, I painted a mirror frame pink. New curtains. It’ll look amazing. 

In the meantime I project managed the painting of our stairs which used to be carpeted in brown carpet..then they were they’re beautiful and white and Pinterest worthy I reckon after we painted the walls dark dark grey and put in bright yellow light shades…

I can’t get the light shade in but hey ho you’ll just have to watch out for a finished house project post. pinterest and wanna spend all my money on new light fittings and fitted wardrobes. Bye!

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