Come to Margate! My review.

So Dan and I just had a lovely two days away, sans baby, in Margate! We thought the seaside would be nice plus we could drop Fred at my mum’s and be there in an hour. I haven’t been away from Fred for two nights before so I felt safer knowing we weren’t that far away. Plus Margate is having this wonderful regen/resurge/arty, hipster rebirth. 

We stayed in a super amazing B&B, The Reading Rooms. It’s a restored Georgian townhouse..each room is an entire floor..super king bed..roll top bath and wet room shower..breakfast brought to the room to eat in the sunny window. Beautiful luxurious products in the bathroom, fluffy robes and towels, posh cafetiere and Italian biscuits for the tea and coffee was like staying in a luxury spa. 

I just loved it. Both nights, we stayed in the room for the evening, having baths, relaxing on the big bed. It was just what I needed. 

When we weren’t soaking up the hotel room we were knocking about “the old town” pretending we could afford to spend 25 quid on some seaweed hand soap, or 15 quid on a mini cactus. 

We ate some really lovely meals..panzanella at the Greedy Cow, a gorge little cafe..white bean tuscan stew and “steak and chips” at the London Tavern..Asian fusion wonderfulness at The Ambrette. Dan drank a lot of craft ale. 

We went to the Turner Contemporary art gallery and I actually loved it and properly looked at the art, instead of just walking around really fast and heading to the gift shop. Probably cos I walk so slowly now and have to keep stopping for breaks.

The weather was pretty gorge so we hit the beach a few times. The first day we just went to the main one in town and then the b&b owner asked us what beach we’d gone to and when we told her she went “oh”. So the next day we looked up a better smaller more private one. 
On the last day we visited this amazing shell’s basically an underground cave that’s been decorated with shell one knows where it came from or who did it. I have this feeling I read a novel set in Victorian times where an artist painted his muse down there. But it’s too slippery I can’t get hold of the memory. Anyway it was awesome. 

After that we went to Dreamland..I remember everyone going there when I was a teenager, but I had never gone myself. I don’t know what it was like before but now it’s this amazing pastel coloured retro funscape! I didn’t go on any rides, obvs..but Dan did while I watched. We were pretty there as it opened…I saw Bugged Out are doing a club night there..I’ll probably just go to that. Ahem. 

I don’t want you to think the whole trip was idyllic. My body is not playing ball at the mo..I sleep badly, I wake up at 5am, my back hurts a lot so I can’t walk far. I cried once cos I thought the nail place I popped into had treated me badly. I keep getting heartburn..I get worn out and out of breath from a few minutes of walking, any incline or stairs. 

And that’s Margate!

There was one major drawback and that’s that there is a really bad excess of seaweed problem and when the tide goes out the stench is unbearable espesh for old preggo nose over here. But I can learn to breathe through my mouth. 

I looked at house prices and I can get a 5 bedroom Georgian townhouse for the price of my south London 2 bed terrace. So I’m moving there. Bye! 


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