Waiting for Godot (Autumn) 

Autumn is not a thing. I have a fantasy about boots and snuggly jumpers and bright clear days and crunchy leaves. 

Every September I get excited by the autumnal colours and new clothes in the shops and every year I buy a lovely new winter coat that makes me sweat my face off..it really isn’t useable until December/January. 

September and October are ALWAYS HOT. 

I have to remember this. 

BUT I LOVE SHOPPING AND I LOVE NEW CLOTHES! I love clothes so much. I think about clothes all the time. 

And the problem with Autumn is that the mornings are darker and cooler..soon it’ll be raining a lot and grey, but still muggy and warm. So you don’t want to be swanning about in floaty colourful summer dresses. 

My additional clothes woes for Autumn/winter are that I’ll be pregnant for the next two months..getting bigger and bigger, hotter and hotter..and then I’ll have a baby and be breastfeeding and hot and fat. 

I found a really good blog called unfancy..the girl is a capsule wardrobe queen and recently put a tool on there your can download..it helps you plan your capsule..or if you don’t want a strict capsule, it’s just a wardrobe planner that helps you define your style and needs. 

I haven’t done it yet properly, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the activities in my life..where do I spend most of my time? What clothes do I tend to reach for the most? 

Well..at the moment I work three days a week so I need clothes that are versatile and can be smartened up..although at this stage in my pregnancy, a lot of my standards of what I feel is “smart enough” have to go out of the window. 

I also spend a lot of time lying on the sofa and sitting on the floor. When the baby comes I’ll probably be wearing a sling and driving to soft plays and baby groups..sitting on the floor a lot..walking around south London with a double buggy. 

I get hot easily and it’ll be winter so light layers to remove when in over heated busy play areas will be necessary. Comfy shoes. Clothes that don’t flash my knickers. 

My solution is:

  • Skinny jeans (maternity ones will do cos I’ll have a big jiggly tummy for some time)
  • Checked shirts and shirts I can wear over a vest top for easy boob access and hiding jiggly tummy. Also nice a cool and can fit over bump till baby comes.
  • Over the knee boots..Comfy and a bit edgy so I don’t feel like a frumpy loser.
  • Light leather look jacket..not heavy so I don’t get hot! I’ve already got this. 
  • Ankle boots..for work days or when over the knee won’t work.
  • Shirt dresses..a couple of these I cab wear with boots to both work and baby group..different shoes will dress up or down. 

I have most of this in my wardrobe already, I just need to sort through and maybe ask for a few things for my birthday. My dad already bought me a shirt dress the other day cos I’m a totes daddy’s girl and I think he feels bad that I’m a moody preggo lady.

I’ll do another post when I have my wardrobe put together and I’ve been trying it out! 

In the meantime…wow it’s really hot I can’t believe it’s so hot in Autumn..isn’t it hot?? When will it get cold? Wow..hot. #indiansummer

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