Ok so the last time I posted I was almost 39 weeks pregnant..and now I have a seven week old daughter! 

I went into labour when I was just 39 weeks and a day, in the early evening..and out she popped at 15.47 the next day..I should say that it was a bit hair raising as we actually only left the house at 15.00 and I really thought I was going to give birth in the car. The last five minutes of my pregnancy consisted of Dan pulling up outside A&E, illegally parking and rushing me in a wheelchair through the hospital while I screamed HELP ME PLEASE SHE’S GOING TO COME OUT NOW…because she was crowning in my knickers and I couldn’t stop the urge to push. 


I just about made it to a bed and I pushed her out a minute later. 
Not even a whiff of gas and air. A lot of people have pain relief free births but I feel like I’m the only one who ever did it. I feel like a hero. A martyr. 

And the only thing I could think of was “we’re going to get towed or clamped!”. 

Anyways they gave me some gas and air when they stitched me up and I was sucking on it like a crack addict. 

But the important thing is I gave birth to the lovely Joni Dolores Hogan..8lbs exactly..

She’s sooo so cute and she’s pretty good..sleeps a lot but doesn’t like being put down..she’s sleeping more and more at night..takes a bottle so I’m regularly pumping and loading up the freezer. I had this with Fred OCD-like obsession with surplus milk. 
And I’m soooo happy I’m not pregnant anymore. And I can drink wine. I spend most of my life breast feeding or trying to get more sleep but life’s pretty good. 

Dan and I are a great sleep tag team and my parents are an amazing help too..I need to get better at just letting the house be messy and not shower. Next week we’ll aim to go and see a friend for the day…getting washed and dressed and out of the house is quite a feat. 

And now I can get back in the blogging driving seat..I’m considering scrapping this one and starting a new one with a better name. But my mat leave resolution is to write watch this space while I find my feet. 



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