Grey Matter

I love grey. I looked over at my wardrobe this morning and almost everything hanging in it is grey. Grey and black. 
I had this idea that post baby I would wear a lot of black with cool boots and blue hair. The day I had booked in for my blue dip dye though, I had my baby by accident. So that has to wait now.

And in my head, wearing a lot of black would make me look magically thin, but unforch these enormous boobies plus skinny jeans on my size 16 body can’t hide my baby weight. 
Oh well. 

I also got bored of black quite quickly and bought this super cosy jumper from Sainsburys on a whim..but I love love love it. 

And this Zara coat. I feel like the snow queen of Narnia in it. 

My boots are my lovely ankle boots from & other stories and I wear them all the time I love them so much. They’re so comfy and they go with EVERYTHING. 

But I think the jumper with the coat are too much grey and wash me out so next time I’ll wear a darker top. I might also cuff the jeans to show the whole boot.

And that’s my style dissection of myself. 



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