A Neon Gym Adventure

We’ve come away on holiday for a week to Malta..my parents have a time share in a lovely 5 star hotel by the sea..we’ve come with them a few times now and it’s just so relaxing..various family members come and visit us at the hotel..we eat at the various restaurants, use the gym, the pool, the spa, get room service, sleep in. All sorts! A maid makes my bed and brings me fresh towels every day and I go to bed early. I love it. 

It’s slightly more hectic this visit, cos two kids..the laundry is piling up in the corner of the room, stressing me out (cos I’m just not me if I’m not stressed about something) and I’m breastfeeding the little pretty much every two hours. Also it’s a lot warmer than I thought it would be so I’ve got wardrobe anxiety. 

But it’s still great! 

I’ve been to the gym every day since we arrived..the first day I did a postnatal you tube video, then used the cross trainer the other days..today I’ll do that again and tomorrow another you tube video for toning and strengthening. I hit Marks and Spencer before we came away, to buy some cool work out gear so I wouldn’t feel like a frumpy bag of crap when I work out..and it’s worked! So I highly recommend it…

And here it is! Loud trousers, see through neon top and zip up front sports bra for breastfeeding access…I thought this bra was so clever but actually when you unzip it both boobs spill out and it’s a pain to try and do back up but at least I can get to them without taking the whole bloody lot off. 


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