Getting there…getting there..

So I’m almost 39 weeks pregnant now..I can say my due date is  NEXT WEEK! ARGH! 

Of course, I could still be waiting around for some time after that but I have a “feeling” she’ll be early..even if that feeling is  just wishful thinking. 

I was just remembering two years ago when I was waiting for Fred to was quite a different experience..I don’t think I was so desperate..I was quite enjoying my month of mat leave before my due date..I used to go swimming, watch House boxsets, make casseroles for the freezer..I even went to a show  in central London! Once I popped to the shop for some cash….

IT’S SO DIFFERENT NOW. Basically I can’t walk..the walk to the shop is way too far..I can’t drive to the supermarket cos I can’t handle the walk around with Fred as’s too much. I can’t watch boxsets all day cos I have a toddler to look after..I can’t really look after him cos I can’t walk. I can’t do anything! 

The other day I tidied up and prepared a one pot killed me. 

My crying sessions have pretty much passed so that’s good but I obviously get frustrated and have a little whinge..yesterday I woke up at 4am thinking I was in labour but it was just a false alarm..I keep doing this every five minutes…is this it??!! Is this it??!!! 

So I had a good cry about that..”wahhhh why isn’t she here yet!!!”

I’m sure I’m remembering my first pregnancy through rose tinted glasses..I’m sure I was desperate for it to be over then too..but now I’m REALLY DESPERATE. 

Luckily, I have so much support from my parents are coming up three times this week to take Fred out, help me with house stuff so I can rest and take baths, naps etc. 

Here are some things that are keeping me going:


I was messaging some friends that I felt like shit and they said get ready, put lipstick on, you’ll feel better. And I did! I’m going to buy myself a new shade as a little treat tomorrow. 

Epsom Salts

Never heard of them till the other put them in your bath and they soothe all your aches and pains. Lovely!


Getting my hair done on Friday..I’m thinking a blue dip dye? 

Gilmore Guys

My favourite podcast about the Gilmore Girls is out today woo! And it’s the season finale..argh!  Getting myself properly geared up for the new episodes that get released on the 25th..

Tumeric Milkshake

We’re all a little under the weather in the Hogan household so I’ve been boiling up milk with turmeric, ginger and honey to make a delicious medicine drink..Dan says it tastes like sweet curry. I love it. Fred won’t touch it. Oh well. 

More chocolate than biscuit biscuits

I love these biscuits from marksys and now Aldi do a knock off version!  Hooray! 

I’ll leave you with that and you never know, next time I post I might have a baby!


Come to Margate! My review.

So Dan and I just had a lovely two days away, sans baby, in Margate! We thought the seaside would be nice plus we could drop Fred at my mum’s and be there in an hour. I haven’t been away from Fred for two nights before so I felt safer knowing we weren’t that far away. Plus Margate is having this wonderful regen/resurge/arty, hipster rebirth. 

We stayed in a super amazing B&B, The Reading Rooms. It’s a restored Georgian townhouse..each room is an entire floor..super king bed..roll top bath and wet room shower..breakfast brought to the room to eat in the sunny window. Beautiful luxurious products in the bathroom, fluffy robes and towels, posh cafetiere and Italian biscuits for the tea and coffee was like staying in a luxury spa. 

I just loved it. Both nights, we stayed in the room for the evening, having baths, relaxing on the big bed. It was just what I needed. 

When we weren’t soaking up the hotel room we were knocking about “the old town” pretending we could afford to spend 25 quid on some seaweed hand soap, or 15 quid on a mini cactus. 

We ate some really lovely meals..panzanella at the Greedy Cow, a gorge little cafe..white bean tuscan stew and “steak and chips” at the London Tavern..Asian fusion wonderfulness at The Ambrette. Dan drank a lot of craft ale. 

We went to the Turner Contemporary art gallery and I actually loved it and properly looked at the art, instead of just walking around really fast and heading to the gift shop. Probably cos I walk so slowly now and have to keep stopping for breaks.

The weather was pretty gorge so we hit the beach a few times. The first day we just went to the main one in town and then the b&b owner asked us what beach we’d gone to and when we told her she went “oh”. So the next day we looked up a better smaller more private one. 
On the last day we visited this amazing shell’s basically an underground cave that’s been decorated with shell one knows where it came from or who did it. I have this feeling I read a novel set in Victorian times where an artist painted his muse down there. But it’s too slippery I can’t get hold of the memory. Anyway it was awesome. 

After that we went to Dreamland..I remember everyone going there when I was a teenager, but I had never gone myself. I don’t know what it was like before but now it’s this amazing pastel coloured retro funscape! I didn’t go on any rides, obvs..but Dan did while I watched. We were pretty there as it opened…I saw Bugged Out are doing a club night there..I’ll probably just go to that. Ahem. 

I don’t want you to think the whole trip was idyllic. My body is not playing ball at the mo..I sleep badly, I wake up at 5am, my back hurts a lot so I can’t walk far. I cried once cos I thought the nail place I popped into had treated me badly. I keep getting heartburn..I get worn out and out of breath from a few minutes of walking, any incline or stairs. 

And that’s Margate!

There was one major drawback and that’s that there is a really bad excess of seaweed problem and when the tide goes out the stench is unbearable espesh for old preggo nose over here. But I can learn to breathe through my mouth. 

I looked at house prices and I can get a 5 bedroom Georgian townhouse for the price of my south London 2 bed terrace. So I’m moving there. Bye! 


So yesterday I had a very smug morning..Fred had a long lie in til 5.20am..(!!) and it was my turn to get up with him. Fred is consistently waking up at 4 or 4.30 am at the mo so you can understand my rejoicing. So up I got.. He was in an excellent mood so I put on peppa pig (ba ba beg being barked at me from the moment he saw me and 5am too early an hour to worry about too much TV) and put on the coffee machine.. I’ll probably just veg out on the sofa til I wake up properly right?
No! Not today, my good man!

I have friend, Lucy Vest, who writes a blog with her sister called “The Two Saving Sisters”.. It’s really good check it out.. Anyways she’s been instagramming her daily 5.30am starts where she gets up before her kids and does yoga or works out. I felt inspired!

So I got out my yoga mat and the Ipad and set myself up in the kitchen to do an ante natal yoga sesh. It was 56 minutes long and I managed about 30 mins before Fred came climbing on me wanting attention. I figured I’d ignored him enough by then and gave in. I’ve been trying to make him wait for my attention a bit recently in prep for when the baby comes.. It’s still 5 months away but every little helps!

So after playing the ceebeebies Ipad games with him for bit I was still feeling productive.. So I made a birthday cake for my sister in law. And then I made a chili!

Then Dan came down and I realised it was only 7.15am. Look at everything I’d achieved! Wow. I should just embrace early mornings with Fred..I feel amazing! I’m going to get up at 5am on work days and do a 30 minute yoga video before i get ready! I’m clearly N early morning person!

By midday I’d completely crashed. In the extreme. Grouchy, crying, zero energy, feeling shaky.

Not so smug anymore.

I’d been so happy to feel in control of my life and feeling like I could get fit and be healthy without feeling rushed and tired. Being pregnant, working, commuting and parenting an 18 month old are taking it out of me. There’s no time for LIFE! I’m going to bed at 8pm and constantly worried about sleep and rest. I thought I’d cracked it.

But hey. That’s what being a mum is all about I’ve found. And that’s ok.
It was still a lovely morning and I did really enjoy the yoga! And luckily it was a Saturday so I could take  nap while Dan watched Fred. Nothing bad happened!

I guess what I’m trying to say is to embrace those SuperMama moments..and not give myself a hard time when it doesn’t last.. It can’t last forever and that chili was the best I’ve ever made so there.


How can I distract Fred? Give him his own armchair!

Lido’nt think it’s hot enough for this

So yesterday was father’s day and for Dan’s special father’s day treat he wanted to go to the Brockwell Lido gym.  We used to live by this park in South East London and it’s so beautiful.. And the lido itself is a really cool old art deco building with an Olympic size pool. I mean.. It’s really big. I think it’s probably Olympic sized. We’ll go with that.
Anyways we used to be members of the gym and it’s a really good one with a spa so that’s what he wanted to do.. Have a great work out,  chill out in the jacuzzi and steam room and then jump into the unheated lido pool.

But what about me and Fred? Well we went for a coffee in the cafe and then hung out by the lido. It wasn’t really nice enough weather most of the time although I still got sunburned. And i couldn’t swim cos Fred refused to get into the icy cold water. He just wanted to go round every single puddle he could find and splash his feet. Which resulted in a total slip over and bang of the head. It didn’t put him off though. He did this for a full hour. And went round every towel lying on the floor and happily stamping his feet on them.

After this Dan joined us and I had a proper swim.. 6 lengths. It tired me out no end cos the pool seemed to have a proper current I had to swim against. But it made me decide I needed to start exercising  regularly..twice a week go swimming once a week do yoga. It’s HAPPENING. You heard it here first!

And what to wear to the pool when you’re 17 weeks pregnant,  have ginormous preggo boobs and a big tummy that at this point just looks fat rather than actually pregnant?
Why a bikini of course!

I bought this from marksys a few weeks ago.. I figured the giant pants would work well for me.. And the bikini top came in a bra size, rather than a clothes size. This is one of my biggest bugbears..swimwear should ALWAYS come in bra sizes. I wouldn’t buy a size 14 bra,  why would I buy a size 14 bikini top? Nuts.

And why doesn’t my bikini match? Well I’m not sure I just fancied it. Plus they didn’t do the giant pants in the red style. So there.
And I’m also sporting my new ray bans. SWISH!


Diary of a new mum

I thought I’d write this because before I had my baby, I was overdue and spending hours online trying to get a sense of what the first few weeks would be like and how I’d be spending my time as the mum of a newborn. Everyone kept telling me to get loads of sleep and that once that baby came I’d have no time for anything. ANYTHING. But why wouldn’t I? What would I be doing instead? It all just felt really surreal and mysterious.

There aren’t really any blogs describing it first hand cos new mums don’t have time to write bloody blogs you idiot!

So here we go…

Week One

Dan was off work so we were in this together. Days consist of feeding the baby, changing nappies, trying to nap while the baby sleeps and that’s about it. That’s literally all we had time for.

At night, we’re sleeping for about 1 and a half to 2 hours at a time and keep doing this until about 9.30 our 10am..have tea and chockie bickies in bed and then take it turns to have a shower and get ready while the other holds the baby..the baby just sleeps and eats, not much else. By the time we make it downstairs it’s about midday.

We watched homes under the hammer every day to give our lives structure.

I didn’t leave the house cos I was still weak and hobbly from my stitches.

The baby was feeding probably every hour or two with a nappy change each time too. Dan did ALL nappy changes!

The days went by super fast and we were very tired..I was an emotional wreck..did I love my baby enough? Was I a bad mum for wanting to give the baby to Dan to calm his crying? Was I breast feeding right? How would I just look after a baby all day every day? THIS IS HARD I CAN’T DO IT!

We were told that when you have the baby you get this rush of oxytocin, “the love hormone”… I was expecting this high of love like nothing I’ve ever felt before..but it didn’t come..I thought Freddie was amazing and I loved him but it didn’t feel like a rush or a surge or overwhelming…I kept crying and worrying about it..I kept crying for no reason..I was very up and down! But it was perfectly normal..apparently you can be more emoshe after a forceps delivery too cos it’s a bit traumatic..not everyone is like that but a lot are.

We had a lot of requests for visitors and even though we wanted to see everyone, we spread it all out..having guests every day was a big no no. It really took it out of us…I also just liked it being the three of us, all holed up.

Week 2

Week two wasn’t much different on a day to day basis..I tried to walk to the shop and it was hard! Took me ages and really wore me out..another day we went out on the car to minimise walking and I tried breast feeding in public..success! Feeding is more like every 2 hours now.

I got more and more panicky about Dan going back to work and being on my own..How would I do it? Would it be boring? It’s hard!

Week 3

Dan’s went back to work and on my first day alone, my mum, brother and his family came to visit..I stayed in bed with the baby, feeding him etc until they arrived..then I handed him over and had a shower..did the washing up, made the bed..that day was great…the next day I was went fine but by bed time I had a meltdown…I CAN’T JUST BE ON MY OWN LOOKING AFTER A BABY EVERY DAY..I CAN’T JUST LOOK AFTER A BABY ALL THE TIME WAH!!!!

I text my mum who was coming by the next day and asked her to stay over..she ended up staying two nights which was great cos then it was Friday when she left…the week went much better with my mum on hand…

Week 4

My mum came for the day again I Monday and stayed over 2 nights again..but I went and visited a yoga friend on one day and me and mum went to central London one day and I breast fed in public again, changed the baby in a train carriage..milestones!

I haven’t spent loads of time alone with the baby but the days I’m alone or my mum is arriving later, I’m getting better at getting up and getting stuff done, keeping the house tidy etc…


Freddie is almost 9 weeks old now..he’s 2 months!

I’ve got events planned for every day this week..tomorrow I’m meeting ante natal class mums in Forest Hill, Tuesday my parents are visiting, Wednesday I’m going to Central London to visit work friends, Thursday I’m going to a nursery rhyme class at Crystal Palace library, then coffee with maternity yoga mums, Friday I’m going to Shoreditch to meet up with my old manager and her baby. Busy!

Every morning is different..Will he nap at the right time so I can have a shower, get dressed and leave the house on time?
Will the afternoon drag while we’re waiting for Dan?

But nights have become a predictable routine of sleep and feeds..bedtime is reliable…it’s all manageable and fun!

Before I had Freddie someone told me the first few weeks are hell..they’re not hell..but compared to now..they were weird and hard and tiring and I’m glad they’re over!

Watch this space for more blog posts!
Here are some photos of my gorg baby…





A last “date” and some new jeans

In my online adventures, reading about the last few weeks of pregnancy, lots of people recommend going on a date with your partner. I basically resent using this term for a night out with your one and only, but fine..We went on a date. And by date, I mean we went out.


The hot date started with an appointment at the bank, opening a new joint account…sexy! The bloke who we had the appointment with was just that..a blokey bloke who wore a knuckle duster of a ring and had gelled hair..he was perfectly nice but insisted on trying to make small talk in between the banking questions..”so…do you like Christmas?” ….”so….are you a football man?”…when Dan answered yes and that he supported West Ham, the bank man said “oh you beauty” and high fived him. Then talked about football for ten minutes. Later, Dan asked me if he should have refused the high five.

Anyways, after that excursion, we were hungry so we picked up a snack in the MacDonald’s across the road…our dinner reservation was many many hours away and we like to mix the high culture with the low…the place was absolutely full of teenagers who’d just finished school…what a fashion eye opener…one boy was wearing TWO pairs of tracksuit bottoms, the top pair pulled down past his bum.


Dan doesn’t like it when I openly mock teenagers in public, but this was very difficult not to do.

After this we hit the East Dulwich tat shops to finish off the Christmas shopping, which we pulled off with aplomb..We also got new over priced mugs for ourselves, and some new baubles for our tiny, bare Christmas tree. When shopping for others it’s always good to buy yourself something too right?

Anyways, we then could let the real date begin..drinks in the pub where there was an actual baby’s party and an office party full of drunken screechers who could give the north London Tapper mum from Gogglebox a run for her money. I actually think the drunken office party were teachers from a local school coz they were slurring anecdotes about pupils while they had a fag outside.


The final part of the night was at a Peckham restaurant called Artisu…a place described in the review as “achingly cool”…it was so achingly cool, the art on the walls was a framed Jay cloth. A jay cloth! And one of the waitresses was dressed so 90’s, it was like being in an episode of Streetmate..In a good way.

The food was bloody amazing was Italian and so delish..I had a mozzarella and tomato starter that was so tasty and different to your normal bland version of this dish..Then for main, tagliatelle with ox cheek ragu and finally honey and caramel ice cream…all sounds really simple but absolute heaven.


I highly recommend it!
The best bit though was this table that had two white old men sat with a young really geeky looking Chinese boy. The men didn’t say one word to the boy the whole time and he didn’t speak at all. What was their deal?! Dan was convinced the boy was a prostitute.

And that’s that!

I didn’t really get dressed up or anything, I just wore these new New Look maternity jeans…Yes I know it’s stupid to buy more clothes at this point but I was desperate. Plus I can still wear them when the baby comes out.
I wore a long sleeved white stretchy top from Sainsbury’s under a stripy jumper my mum brought round the other’s from H&M…I’ve never seen her wear it, she must have found it in the back of her wardrobe, but I really like it. I jazzed it up with red lippy and a yellow Zara necklace.


And there you go! Date done!
We also bought tickets to see Edward Scissorhands at Sadlers Wells next Sunday..We figured if the baby hasn’t come it’s a good distraction and if he has come we’ll give the tickets away and won’t care. I’M PLAYING A TRICK ON FATE.

Ok bye!
(This final picture is of the dog grooming shop across the road cos it made us laugh)


Casual Wear and Some Horrific Graphic Toys

So today’s outfit of the day was for a casual Saturday of museum visting and pub lunching.


I’m wearing H&M maternity treggings, a grey Topshop non maternity t-shirt, Zara necklace, Zara parka and red converse. I love this coat and it’s leather sleeves…well not real leather but you know…the converse are basically for the bin. But converse these days cost 47 quid!! Can you believe it? I’ve had these ones since 2005 when they cost 30 quid…that’s quite a mark up. Is it? I’m no economist. Obvs.


In other news, Dan and I started our ante natal classes this week…Right..any expectant parents who aren’t sure whether to fork out for NCT or hold out for NHS classes: if you’re having your baby at Kings, don’t bother with NCT…you’ll save yourself £300 and you still get 5 classes, in Dulwich, and they do the contact sharing thing so you still get your network of new mums. Brills!


The first class consisted of detailed descriptions of all stages of Labour….bit of an eye opener..with models of the cervix at the different stages of dilation….I giggled nervously when holding that…..basically gets massive….and a toy of a placenta to show us what else we have to push out after the baby! Woo.


I felt simultaneously horrified and excited. I now also understand what Braxton Hicks contractions are and that I’m having them all bloody day..I love them…I don’t know why. It just feels really like I’m pregnant and nature is doing what it’s meant to!


It’s a bit early to pack my hospital bag but I’m making lists of things I need and that’s super exciting too. If only our bloody house would go through so we can move and I can sort out all the baby stuff. I’m feeling quite impatient and minorly stressed about it. But have to keep telling myself to chill, take life as it comes (not my default setting).


And that’s that!

Ps..The weather is pissing me off…it’s so hot and I want to wrap up. It’s going to be 18 degrees on Monday ffs.


A brunch, pampering and an evening celebrity hob nobbing

So I recently had a wonderful Saturday, perfect for a 29 weeks pregnant lady.

I met some friends for brunch in Crystal Palace at Domali, a vegetarian cafe. I had a Welsh rarebit! It was delish!

After that I got a pedicure…Dan thought I could use some pampering so I went to the Vietnamese nail place near my house. I got a pedicure and shellac for my foot fingers, as my mum likes to call toes. It was the best decision I ever made in my life ever. It was so relaxing, I walked home in a daze, into my room and went straight to sleep.

It was so great for so many reasons..firstly they sat me in this mega comfy huge chair which massaged my back, shoulders and head the whole time. Exactly what I needed..I mean obvs it’s better to have a proper massage but the chair! The chair!!! I loved that chair. It did make me think of Terminator though and how the machines took over.


Anyways..aside from the chair…the bloke doing my pedicure also shaved off the dead skin on my feet with a razor blade/cheese grater thing.

So after my post pedicure nap, Dan and I headed to Shepherd’s Bush for a play…it was brilliant. It’s at the Bush theatre and the play is called Albion. Go and see it!


Me stroking my bump while reading

It’s set in a kareoke pub in east London run by right wing extremists. Fun huh?! Each scene is a different kareoke classic and it’s got Michael Moon in it from Eastenders (or Joe from This Life depending on your taste). And it’s got Natalie Casey in it from 2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. Who was amazing.

Well that’s my intellectual, sophisticated review.

And cos one of the friends I was with knows Natalie Casey and one of them knows the playwright, I felt like a VIP. And Natalie Casey told me she liked my necklace!

And there you have it.

I actually did something for once on a weekend.

In the photos I’m wearing a parka from Zara, brown Topshop boots, H&M black maternity skinnies and a Topshop necklace.

What’s in my makeup bag?


I went on someone’s beauty blog today and they had a regular feature called “What’s in my makeup bag?”..and I’ve literally just stolen it. No amendments.
Well, I didn’t actually read any of the posts cos she didn’t look like someone who’s beauty tips I would take…very TOWIE…but I’ve stolen the concept.

So I’m basically going to talk you through my beauty and makeup. Who knows if you’ll find this interesting, but my best friend’s sisters always seem very keen on my makeup when same best friend got married this year, I was her makeup artist. We went to the Bobbi Brown counter in John Lewis, she had a makeover and I watched, writing down everything the makeup lady said. I’ve never been so pleased with the results of something I created..and when I say something I created, I of course mean, her face.

Moving on…I’ll start with skin care…


So, this is really a recent pregnancy thing..every day after my shower, I massage Bio Oil into my bump and boobs…the NHS website says that oils and creams cannot be linked to preventing stretch marks…that you’ll get them if you get them and they might or might not disappear and there’s nothing you can do about it. But you know, I tend to pick and choose when I believe in science, so I do it anyways.
Then moisturise all over in Dove moisturiser cos being pregnant just means you want to have lovely soft skin, even if putting it on does make me get out of breath.

Then I moisturise my face in light Simple moisturiser..I recently read an article which said don’t spend loads of money on moisturiser cos as long as it hydrates and suits your skin type, you’re golden. I didn’t spend a lot on moisturiser anyway but it’s nice to have validation. I then add Simple Radiance cream which acts as a serum. Sali Hughes in the guardian marked it as a star product and I basically do whatever she tells me.


Next up is base. I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat foundation…I love this foundation so much. It’s quite light but you can build it up so it acts as a sort of tinted moisturiser for every day when I just use one pump, and when I go out I use two pumps! I never go out these days so it lasts ages! Then I use Mac concealer under eyes and around the nose. This stuff is amazing and I highly reccommend it for good coverage. I also use Touche Eclat highlighter under eyes on special occasions.
Then we have a dusting of No 7 pressed powder to take away shine, and No 7 bronzer on cheeks, forehead and nose. Not a lot. and you apply it by making sweeping motions with a big brush in the shape of a number 3 on each side of your face. the trick is to use it when the sun would hit your face. I learned that from the Bobbi Brown lady.

Then I use this coral coloured cream blush from No 7 on cheeks. It’s a lovely colour and I like creamy blush cos it makes your skin look dewy.


Next, eyes.
I use this Collection 2000 eyebrow kit. It was like three quid and I’ve broken the lid off but it does the job. I apply with an angled eyebrow brush to fill in my almost invisible blondy eyebrows.
I always wear black eyeliner…for most days just this Rimmel Kohl pencil smudged on the top of eyelashes with a sweep of black eyeshadow under the eye to look very subtly smokey. For going out I’ll usually go bigger with this Clinique gel liner, using an eyeliner brush. It’s quite rare that I’ll stray from this formula!


Now we have lips.
I don’t tend to wear lipstick to work, just use some Vaseline Rosy lips. But on the weekends I do love a red lip. I have about 50 million red lipsticks and my fave of all time is Mac Ruby Woo, an amazing matt finish and bluey red colour which I’ve been told makes your teeth look whiter. Unfortunately I lost it last year and instead of spending the 15 quid on a new one, I’ve probably spent that on cheaper ones. Nevermind. But these are my faves that I do have…Kate Moss for Rimmel in red, both normal and matt…Kick Pleat Red from & Other Stories which is a bit orangey…don’t use it on cheeks as well though as it makes you look like a crazy doll. And finally Bourgois Rouge Edition Velvet which goes on like a gloss and stays on for AGES. I love it. The trick is to apply, blot, apply. Do this 3 times with any red lippy. and moisturise lips first of course.

And that’s it!

What are your star makeup bad items or pregnancy beauty solutions?

Mrs Dalloway-style rambling.

I’m in a bit of a wardrobe predicament. The predicament is three-fold.

The fashion pages are full of autumnal spreads yet it’s basically sweltering outside every day. Yet frosty in the morning. I hate it! I’m sorry cos I’ve gone on about the weather quite a bit. But it does plague me.

That’s one.

The next is that I had to have some black skinny jeans. Remember? I had to have them and when I got them I would be happy. Then I got them. Now I don’t seem to have ANY clothes but those. Every day..what shall I wear? Black skinny jeans? Ok!

It’s making it very hard to show you my outfits of the day. That’s the problem with being a normal person who’s also pregnant. What am I supposed to do? Have a new outfit every day?

You’re probably saying…err..just get on with it Lara, it’s a challenge! Creating new looks out of old clothes is the whole point!

I’ll see what I can rustle up later.

Anyways that’s two problems.

The next is that next week I’m going on a family holiday to Malta. We’ve got an apartment out there in a nice hotel and I plan on doing NOTHING. Apart from read, sleep, eat pastizzi (Maltese pastry filed with ricotta) and sunbathe.

But what to wear?!

I tried on my maternity shorts and they’re super tight! Which goes to show..don’t get under the bump denim… won’t be able to stretch with you.

I don’t have any going out in the evening clothes. I can’t wear heels. How will I swish about like a glam sexy pregnant lady? I’m not wearing my Clark’s sandals for evening soirees!

I’m in despair!

Well I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I just bought 2 dresses on ASOS in the sales (buy summer clothes now!!!) and I have some khaftans I can wear with glamorous head gear to try and emulate Elizabeth Taylor by the pool.

And I doubt I’ll be doing much evening swishing cos I go to bed at 9pm. GLAMOROUS!

That’s the end of my musings….

In other news….if I had this leather jacket from Zara, my life would be better…


And should I get my hair cut like this?


Or this?


Or grow it to look like this?