An Autumnal Affair (dress) to Remember

Yeah I am still banging on about autumnal dressing. What of it? 

So you all know my autumnal woes..aside from getting to say “autumnal” over and over, I normally suck at dressing for this transitional weather. Not this time! 

I picked up this GORGEOUS dress in..wait for it..Sainsbury’s! 

It’s cotton, light, perfect length, goes over the bump like a dream, mid length sleeves, dark autumnal colours..can wear with ankle boots and nothing else, or add a light jacket and build up the layers if I need to. It can be worn on weekends or to work..or to the pub! If I ever went to pubs. 


I would have paid a lot more for it. I get constant compliments too..from co-workers, friends,.strangers on the train. 

I love it. 



Shirt dress in style

So I wrote a post this week about my ideas for my A/W didn’t take me long to spring into action and try it out. 
Friday was rain central and yesterday I met my bestie for brunch in London Bridge which is a wind tunnel due to all the tall buildings. And today it’s warmish but overcast. 

So on Friday I wore a new Zara black shirt dress with maternity leggings and black trainers. I was the perfect temperature. The shirt dress is more like a long shirr tbh. There’s no way I could wear it with tights instead of leggings but that’s ok. And it’ll be great once the baby comes out. 

Yesterday I wore another Zara shirt dress..this one is a bit longer and thicker..I was the perfect temp again for most of the trip, but then it warmed up in the afternoon and I started getting a little hot under the collar. It’ll be great for actual winter though. Plus I could wear it without tights. 

Today I’m just mega caj in maternity leggings and an asos loungewear top. Plus black trainers. I’m actually quite hot. 
And there you have it..Lara’s temperate update. 

I’m really doing this as a sort of clothing’s good to know what clothes you reach for most..what you wear time and time you don’t waste money on clothes you like but don’t suit your lifestyle. That’s what my capsule wardrobe guru, Caroline, from unfancy says anyways. 

So maybe in a month I’ll look back and see how I’ve done. I’m on an economy drive again..well I never really stopped feeling like I was on an economy drive, I just kept failing. But I can’t buy any more clothes now. I have to be forced into a capsule wardrobe. I’ll be fine as long as the temperate drops to about 9 degrees in the next day. 


Ootd: Beach cool

Last week there was a 3 day heat wave so naturally I bought two new dresses and an extra fan for the house in that time.

I worked for each of those days and both the commute and the office were a terrible nightmare for my 5 months pregnant self. All office attire went out of the window and I wore summer dresses and flat sandals each day. I also carried my facial spritz with me everywhere. 

At night I got into bed without drying myself after a cold shower..letting the fan do it’s magic. 

You’ve just got to know how to cope that’s all! 

Anyways, one dress I bought was from Zara of course! It’s perfect for maternity..floaty and cool. I wore it at the weekend for a blustery beach trip but I also wore it during the heat wave for work with a white cami underneath. And long shorts to protect my thighs (preggo chub rub is the WORST). 

This photo is of me with my travel fan that also spritzes water.

And here’s one of Fred at the beach…


OOTD: The Flora and the Fauna

A few weeks back we had a picnic in Crystal Palace park with all our friends to celebrate Janey’s bday. Gemma (cool shoe designer) turned up in a gorgeous floral dress from Warehouse that was the talk of the town. I basically went straight home and bought it online. 

It has a roomy waist which works well with my bump..but a slit up the front threatens to flash my knickers at any given moment. And the first time I wore it, as I was getting out of the car, the already risque slit, slit even further. Oops. 

I thought about sending it back but I figured the strain from my bump was what had done it. So I bought some fabric and black lace and my mum created a modesty panel! I think it looks a bit like I’m wearing a slip underneath and I’m really happy with it! 

I probably should have just bought a size bigger but hey. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. 


Muggy is one of my favourite words. Others on the list are antipodean and onomatopeaia. But also muggy. I don’t like it when it is actually muggy though. It’s a sartorial nightmare. You’re hot so you want to dress summery.. But it’s probably wet and overcast too.



So today I’m wearing a pair of maternity jeggings from h&m. Best piece of maternity wear I ever bought and still going after a whole pregnancy with Fred. I essentially wore these every day for 6 months before I had him and carried on after he was born. They are a little worse for wear now.. I need to investigate if they still stock them.

I’m wearing them with a blue cami top from topshop and white fake birkenstocks from marksys which are SO comfy. And only 25 quid! They make a little squeaky noise when I walk but birkenstocks do that too.
I’m also having a no makeup day cos my skin is really bad, I’m guessing from the pregnancy hormones..

And there you have it!
Catch you later!

Here’s a pic of my bump….and Lanny.. Or nanny as Fred calls her..


OOTD: yes that’s right it’s nautical again

Yes I love nautical! Every time I think I’m out.. They pull me back in…the nautical clothes, that is.
Oh I just remembered a dream from this morning that fred was black! And I went to a wedding for my brother in law’s sister and my outfit was really bad.

Anyway! I just bought this dress from ASOS in a blind panic cos I don’t have  ANY work clothes all of a sudden. They’re all too small for my growing tummy. In case you are new to my blog I’m 18 weeks pregnant, not just really into magnums. Well I’m also really into magnums.

This dress isn’t my usual style, apart from being nautical.. Cos I usually prefer something fitted to show my bump..but I really love this..makes me feel like a cool floaty woman about town.

I’m wearing it with my red Boden shoes and a gold rope necklace from Accessorize. I’d prefer something colourful but my fave yellow necklace broke and I don’t like ANY of my others anymore. I need a statement necklace restock!

And there you have it!
Catch you later.





Sorry about the gormless expression.

Lido’nt think it’s hot enough for this

So yesterday was father’s day and for Dan’s special father’s day treat he wanted to go to the Brockwell Lido gym.  We used to live by this park in South East London and it’s so beautiful.. And the lido itself is a really cool old art deco building with an Olympic size pool. I mean.. It’s really big. I think it’s probably Olympic sized. We’ll go with that.
Anyways we used to be members of the gym and it’s a really good one with a spa so that’s what he wanted to do.. Have a great work out,  chill out in the jacuzzi and steam room and then jump into the unheated lido pool.

But what about me and Fred? Well we went for a coffee in the cafe and then hung out by the lido. It wasn’t really nice enough weather most of the time although I still got sunburned. And i couldn’t swim cos Fred refused to get into the icy cold water. He just wanted to go round every single puddle he could find and splash his feet. Which resulted in a total slip over and bang of the head. It didn’t put him off though. He did this for a full hour. And went round every towel lying on the floor and happily stamping his feet on them.

After this Dan joined us and I had a proper swim.. 6 lengths. It tired me out no end cos the pool seemed to have a proper current I had to swim against. But it made me decide I needed to start exercising  regularly..twice a week go swimming once a week do yoga. It’s HAPPENING. You heard it here first!

And what to wear to the pool when you’re 17 weeks pregnant,  have ginormous preggo boobs and a big tummy that at this point just looks fat rather than actually pregnant?
Why a bikini of course!

I bought this from marksys a few weeks ago.. I figured the giant pants would work well for me.. And the bikini top came in a bra size, rather than a clothes size. This is one of my biggest bugbears..swimwear should ALWAYS come in bra sizes. I wouldn’t buy a size 14 bra,  why would I buy a size 14 bikini top? Nuts.

And why doesn’t my bikini match? Well I’m not sure I just fancied it. Plus they didn’t do the giant pants in the red style. So there.
And I’m also sporting my new ray bans. SWISH!


Desperately Seeking Maternity Wear

So it’s a well known fact that I love shopping. That I’m pretty much addicted to clothes and shopping. LOL GIRLS LOVE SHOPPING AND SHOES LOL.

I’m sorry to womanhood for being a cliché but I do fight the patriarchy daily so I think it’s ok. Apart from when I took my husband’s surname. Ahem.

Ok. Moving on.
I love shopping. I buy new clothes monthly. Often more.
However I’m on a massive economy drive; Meal planning, packed lunches, weekly shops in Aldi, making filter coffee in the office instead of picking one up from pret. NO CLOTHES.
We need to get ourselves out of a bit of a hole and get SAVING.. For when I’m on mat leave.
The other day I went through my calendar with my mat leave policy and a calculator, adding up my monthly salary from now until next October, factoring in half pay and no pay deductions…making a budget and building possible savings targets. I’m VERY good at planning budgets. I’m not so great at the execution.

But back to shopping.
While I can’t shop, I CAN dream. And plan. And plot.
Next month I can shop!

What do I need?
I need work clothes. And tops. And ray bans.

This is what I’ve come up with as a realistic wish list…


I’ve explored the Topshop website and found a really versatile black maternity tube skirt.. Great for work AND play. Great with tights AND bare legs. Perfect.
Also some dark maternity jeans can be dressed up or down and will look really good for work with colourful flats and a blouse.
I’ve picked out a loose but interesting white tshirt and a grey sleeveless top.
Everything here is versatile, dress uppable and dress downable…
And some Ray Bans. Cos I’ve been rocking the same pair of white wayfarers since 2008 and when Dan used to borrow them he made them too big and they won’t stay on my face anymore.

And that’s my wish list!
Perfect transitional, early mat wear.
Wish me luck!

Maternity Style: Here we go again

So now that I’m 12 weeks pregnant,  I’m having to figure out maternity style again.. I looked back over my early blog posts from the last time and I learned a few things.. I was a lot thinner then.. Plus I had a lot of time to stand around in the garden while Dan took photos of me.  Plus,  I started showing a lot earlier this time around and none of my clothes fit already.. I think I held out til 20 weeks for maternity jeans last time.. I bought them at 11 weeks with this pregnancy. 

So far I have about a million lovely dresses that are perfect for maternity.. I’m all set for hot days off and weekends.. I’m NOT set for work. Especially with this transition season of sometimes cold sometimes boilsville.

On Friday it was a gorgeous day and I knew I’d be warm so I spent about 45 minutes pulling clothes from hangars and getting stressed that nothing looked professional enough.. Nothing fit.. Nothing was cool.


I ended up with this Jersey skirt I’ve had for few years that was a maternity staple last time around but this time is already a bit tight and won’t stand the test of my ever growing belly.. For now it would just about do.
I wore it with a black body suit and I think I look like I’m about to do an interpretive dance. I added red Boden shoes which I love and my yellow rucksack.

It was comfy and I didn’t get too hot, plus I got a compliment on my colours.. So that’s good! But I felt daggy.

Here’s to my 3 day a week struggle. Watch this space for solutions….

Friendmas! AKA “Glittermas”

Every year, all of our friends have friendmas…we go out for a meal and do Secret Santa. It’s pretty basic, but let me explain further…we do this every year. It’s annual. It used to be called Lara’s annual mince pie and mulled wine party. But then I stopped hosting it because I got white carpets and also no-one really liked mulled wine. Or mince pies.


So Friendmas!

This was a good last chance to hang out with all my best friends in the world before Mr Jiggly comes and also get drunk on the atmosphere of everyone else getting drunk for real.


I used this opportunity to buy myself a new dress which was probably frivolous and idiotic seeing as I’ll only be pregnant for another 2 weeks, max. But hey, I’m a rollercoaster of emotions and one of those emotions is “shopping frenzy”.


I bought a sweatshirt dress from Topshop (maybe not the best idea considering my current body temperature) which is super cute. It’s got sort of embroidered hearts on it…I mean they ARE hearts, but I’m not sure if it counts as embroidery.

It’s a size 14, non maternity dress and it’s slightly big…fits perfectly on the bump but on the top, I’m normally a size 10..But I just rolled my sleeves up and I figured when the baby comes out I’ll just wash it and tumble dry it shrinks. Good plan huh?


To make the outfit Christmassy, I GLITTERED IT UP. Glitter lids! I used Topshop glitter shadow which is brilliant..first you apply the cream eye shadow to your lids and then the glitter sticks on. Amaze.


I also wore loads of blingy gold again. That’s my Christmas jam now. Big gold Zara necklace, gold watch, gold bracelet, gold ring. Plus tonnes of makeup and red lipstick.


#friendmas was super fun too..I left after the Thai meal and a glass of water in the pub..I heard the others stayed until they were chucked out for singing Jewish Christmas carols and they’ve all been messaging this morning to say they’re so hungover they’re dead…a good night had by all!