Capsule Wardrobe Capsule Wardrobe Capsule Wardrobe!!!

At the moment I talk about capsule wardrobes A LOT. 

I’m obsessed with them (along with getting a volvo, John Lewis cushions and uppababy vistas).

I have a very obsessive personality..I’ve learned that about myself since having Fred. I’ve also learned that due to this, I over think EVERYTHING about being a mum.

Something I haven’t learned, but always have known, is that I’m an emotional shopper…I shop to feel better when I’m blue, I shop on a whim..I end up with a lot of clothes I don’t actually like myself in and that don’t really go with the stuff I already have. I also often look at myself and think..oh…this isn’t the image I want. I don’t think I dress well for my shape or my lifestyle. I think this is because I have quite a chameleon like style..when I was a teen I used to dress like my favourite tv or film character..I see clothes as dress up!

But now I’m in my 30’s, I’m a mum shortly returning to work part time and I’m short on shopping money!

The answer to all my prayers? A CAPSULE WARDROBE!!
I found a great blog in which a girl creates a different capsule wardrobe for herself every season and then every day shows you how she’s dressed from it..
Your wardrobe only has 37 pieces in it (including shoes and coats, not including underwear, fancy clothes for weddings etc and work out gear). Everything in the wardrobe has to fit, be in season and be something you LOVE.

The benefits are supposed to be that you never are stuck for what to wear and it ends emotional shopping…at the start of the season (weather season not fashion season) you clear out everything or put in boxes for other seasons, using the above rules and then you plan how to fill the gaps. You set a budget and it saves money. I shop a lot so I really see this as helping me. Also the girl in the blog is from Texas…in London our seasons are a bit more wishy washy I don’t think I’ll need 4 wardrobes a year!
ALSO I need a practical wardrobe of comfy but cool mum clothes that I can wear with trainers and sit on the floor..but also work wear that I can pick out in 5 minutes to be out of the house by 6.45 am!

I’m so excited about it..I’ve already cleared out my wardrobe and this weekend is my birthday so I’m starting to fill the gaps…TREAT YO’SELF.

I haven’t figured out a way yet to show you my capsule wardrobe…I’m not very good with tech..other people seem to manage to get photos of their clothes up, as if they’re on a body but you can’t see the body! Also lots of photos of clothes in a big grid…

I might have to just leave it but I’ll feature the whole outfits as I go…

We’ll see! Gosh you must just be on the edge of your seat right now!
Ok well that’s it…CAPSULE WARDROBE.

Here are some “wants” but I have to see how I do cos they’re mega pricy…


Banana Republic jumper


Banana Republic skirt


Banana Republic shoes


Topshop Jamie jeans

And there you have it!


OOTD: Cosy but sick as a dog

Fred and I are currently getting over a bout of viruses and bugs… He had the unfortunately named hand foot mouth disease (blisters all over and extremely depressed!), then he got a terrible cough and cold and then I got an awful tummy bug! This has meant no baby groups, no outings no visitors really for a few weeks… This last week was really hard. Dan was off work and I was in bed hiding from Fred, resting. I say hiding cos when he sees me he wants breast milk. All day every day. And when i was sick too it was so draining. And I really missed him! It was horrible being upstairs when I could hear him down stairs.
But anyways.. On Saturday I was feeling a bit better so we decided to go on an Autumnal walk (by the way, Autumnal is my absolute favourite word ever)


I wore Zara jeans (I love these jeans.. If they were just more high waisted they’d be perfect) and my new snuggly jumper from ASOS.
Of course it was actually really warm on Saturday when the sun came out and for most of the walk we were walking INTO the sun. So I boiled. Of course.

But when the sun went away it was actually the perfect AUTUMNAL outfit. Unforch, my illness took a horrible turn for the worse halfway through the walk and it was pure hell to be out and about. When we got in I went straight to bed. But at least I got to wear contact lenses and lipstick for a few hours.


Jeans Zara
Jumper ASOS
Trainers Converse
Earrings Oliver Bonas

Finally it looks like I only have one hand in this picture but I think I was trying to look cosy by pulling my hand in. Weird.