Daily Style: Black Magic

So I feel like I’m wearing a hell of a lot of black this summer..normally black is great cos it’s slimming but I don’t feel like this outfit accentuates my bump enough! Although I forgot my baby on board badge today and got offered a seat on the tube twice! So maybe I am a bona fide pregnant lady now. However, two people did also tell me they wouldn’t offer me a seat cos I could just be fat. So you win some you lose some.


This outfit is all stuff you’ve seen before..jersey skirt from asos.. Actually it’s the navy version that you’ve seen.. I cleverly bought it in two colours.. You can dress them up, dress them down.. Love them. The top is from Zara and won’t last long as I get bigger but it’s a flattering shape for now. The straps fall down a lot though.


Necklace is a Zara one and boots are from Topshop..I love these boots, they’re so comfy and versatile but last Christmas I walked through some mud on the way home from a work party and they’ve never been the same.

And there you have it! To be honest, I’m feeling like a heffalump at the mo and I hate my hair so this blog may feel lacking in energy. I’m also writing it at almost 11pm…ELEVEN PM!! this is way past my usual half nine bed time! I feel So risqué. I also had a small glass of wine today.. ROCK N ROLL!!


Right, good night. I’m off to throw a TV out of the window.


Daily Style: I choo choo choooose you (Chooseday/Tuesday)

It’s Tuesday!!! I’m not normally bothered about Tuesdays, it’s a pretty meh day. But I couldn’t think of a title for today’s blog so I decided to celebrate the day and feature it heavily! I mean Tuesday’s child is fair of face right? Is it? I’m not sure.


Anyways! Today I wore a new maternity dress that I picked up on Asos but is actually from New Look. It was basically a bargain and I like it cos it’s comfy, cool and crazy (it’s not crazy but I thought I needed another word that began with c)! Also shows boob.


Paired it with my very day sandals and a statement necklace from Topshop. I get compliments every time I wear this necklace..Even from strangers! Which is always the sign of a good buy.


Today I also celebrated 19 weeks of pregnancy..19! I’m basically almost half way there. Woo! I also got told twice that I ‘look well’. Bye!

Weekend Style: Gardening Chic

Well it’s a lovely sunny Sunday! What do people do on days like this? They garden! So I just did loads of jobs: pruning, trimming, trowling. And this little outfit is what I did it in..


Only joking!! I spent most of today trying to get a new car battery and waiting for the AA..And crying over my bad hair day.

But I thought I’d do some fakeographs like when people take wierd posey pictures at their wedding. My friend Hen went to a wedding at a golf course once and they had to wait hours while the bride and groom went off for their photos and months later when they saw the prints, they were of them pretending to play golf and riding in a golf buggy. I think about that a lot.


Anyways what I’m wearing is a recent pair of maternity jeans shorts from Topshop which I got on Ebay. I don’t LOVE them.. They’re super comfy for walking around in but they don’t have an over the bump fit… Instead a normal waist band and panels that expand which means they dig in when I sit down..


The top is new from Forever 21 but it’s not maternity obvs because everything in there is aimed at teenagers. But it’s nice and loose and you can tie the belt over the bump. I love it.

Accessories are a gold coloured necklace from Boots (yeah I know!) and the shoes you’ve seen before. From Marksys. Get used to seeing them!

Catch you later (oh by the way did you notice? NO JERSEY)


Weekend Style: Hot Damn

Today I get to showcase my new maternity skirt from Topshop! I picked it up last weekend at topshopoxfordcircus.. The shop is as big as a small village yet the maternity section is about as big as a sofa. But I still managed to scavenge this hot pink skirt. Just like yesterday’s dress..there isn’t much ‘maternity’ about it apart from it’s..wait for it….JERSEY! but it’s super comfy and will defo grow with me.


I’m wearing it with a new JERSEY white vest also new from Topshop but it’s just from their basics range. It’s quite loose and I think this will grow with me too.


Add a pair of trusty Clarks sandals (I basically only have three pairs of shoes) and a Zara necklace and good to go!


Oh wait! I’ve also accessorised with a 3 and a half year old neice..Meet Phoebe who’s rocking a pair of H&M dungarees and a hot pink tshirt to match me..


Thanks for coordinating with me Phoebe…

Catch you later..

Daily Style: City Cool

I didn’t call this post city cool because I think I’m cool. Just thought I’d put that out there. It’s just that’s it’s still hot AND rainy today so my outfit needed to keep me COOL and also be suitable for running about the city in rain.


I opted for a new maternity dress from asos..It’s jersey (New drinking game.. every time I say ‘jersey’ you have to drink) and really I can’t tell what’s maternity about it apart from that jersey (woo drink!) maxi dresses work on big bumps. But still, I really like it cos it has thick straps and doesn’t show my bra.. And the back is low so I can show my tattoo and not get ‘hot back’ also.


I had on my trusty New Balance trainers which I love to death cos they’re sooo comfy and keep feet drier than sandals would. Plus they’re nice and retro so I don’t just like I’ve ruined my outfit with weird gym trainers.


To jazz it all up I wore brightly coloured earrings from Zara which make me think of carnival or something, a gold and pink string necklace from Accessorize and I did my nails multi coloured too.. And to finish it all off a classic baby on board badge.. In case you don’t live in London, you get these from tfl to wear on public transport so people give you a seat but I tend to just ask people anyways. I just like people knowing I’m preggo and I’m an attention seeker. I’ve been wearing it since I was 8 weeks..


So that’s it for today..by the way, today the baby loves coleslaw.


Guest Style: Suzie

So today’s post features a lovely guest who I met at Victoria station during rush hour.. I spotted her from afar on account of her lovely big bump and eye catching, on trend fruity body con dress.

Meet Suzie…


Suzie is 30 weeks pregnant and she seemed genuinely surprised that I wanted to take her picture and thought she looked enorme but I reckon she looks cool and chic and a real stylspiration. New word.

I love the brightly coloured fruity dress and bright shoes that go really well, and most of all it’s body con and clings to the bump..Perfect! The icing on the cake is the top not which was I was pretty jel of cos my hair won’t grow at all.

But enough about that.. Suzie’s dress is from topshop and she bought it recently..It’s not maternity either..She just bought it in a bigger size..Great tip for me for when I get bigger..

When chatting we both agreed that maternity wear is rubbish and unflattering, in rank colours..Suzie said the only maternity wear she’s actually bought are a pair of topshop jeans and a few vests..And the vests were a waste and she didn’t really need them..

And then you have it.. It was pretty exciting going up to a stranger and saying hi can I feature you on my style blog please..I felt like a cool city journo and will defo do it again..

Catch you later and thanks to Suzie for letting me grill her and take her photo..


Daily Style: A Splash of Colour

Well today was basically sweltering but this outfit served me well. Mainly cos I sat under the air conditioning vent at work and didn’t leave the building but I’m sure the outfit helped too..


Jersey played another huge role in the ensemble with another asos skirt. I have this one in both navy, as worn here, and in black. I like them cos they’re really versatile and comfy. Theyre both pre pregnancy too.. In fact everything I’m wearing is. I like this skirt  as a maternity one cos it sits above the bump.. Doesn’t show it off enough yet though.. Actually, today two men in the office said, oh look your bump is looking big.. So maybe it does! They may have wondered if I was preggo for a while but weren’t sure if I had just eaten too many pies.


Anyways, the top is from New Look and from last summer.. It’ll last a while cos it’s quite long and roomy at the waist and it’s a blessed low cut wrap top.. Perfect for big bosoms! (been a while since I said the word bosom)

The shoes are from good old marksys but don’t worry I didn’t commute in them.. I actually wore trainers for the journey cos I tend to trip and fall down a lot otherwise.


I added a splash of colour with a bright yellow zara necklace (my mum also has this in green which I may borrow to jazz up the outfits I’ll be wearing over and over) and white raybans . Finished off with a belt from. Topshop which is years old and I bought it as a ‘fun’ festival belt but is now a staple.

And that’s that! Now off for a cold shower.


Daily Style: Jersey Girl!

2014-07-21 18.27.37

Ok so today for work I wore a jersey skirt I picked up on ASOS about a year and a half ago for about 15 quid. They have similar ones on there now.

I normally wear this in winter with tights and ankle boots, but one thing I’ve really noticed about ,my growing body is that jersey is my friend. It’s stretchy and enhances the bump so I get more sympathetic cups of tea at work and seats on the tube.

I’m wearing the skirt with a black vest from Zara…it’s quite new. My mum got it for me recently because I felt like such a frump after I went up a bra size and anything high necked made me look enorme. Really would recommend taking advantage of bigger boobs with lower cut tops and then tummy enhancing waist bands like I’m wearing here.

2014-07-21 18.27.27

I made the outfit work appropriate by adding an unstructured blazer which I’ve had for years but I’m hoping will work for the whole pregnancy. It’s a heat wave right now so I didn’t have it on for much of the day, but it was good to have it on hand.

I wore clark’s sandals on my feet. I basically wear these almost every day at the mo..so comfy and because birkinstock’s are really on trend right now, I can get away with slightly nan looking shoes. Take advantage now! They don’t really go with the blazer but I didn’t wear that outside of the office and when I got there I added low heeled back shoes.

Finally topped off the outfit with a pair of massive sunnies for a touch of glamour.

2014-07-21 18.28.08

Skirt; ASOS
Top: Zara
Shoes: Clarke’s
Sunglasses: Monki.com
Blazer: Urban Outfitters

Hello Wembley!

So I’ve decided to write a style blog. Yeah I know..who the hell do I think I am?

The raison d’etre for the blog is style during pregnancy; I’m 18 weeks pregnant at time of writing and the thing I’ve noticed the most (in this time of my life where I’m most likely to buy new clothes at an alarming rate) since I got pregnant is that maternity fashion is non existent. There are no pregnancy fashion or style blogs, most maternity wear is unflattering, impractical or ugly and I can’t find any articles with tips for pregnant style. GAP IN THE MARKET.

It’s quite depressing when you want to buy buy buy, get new clothes, change your style to adjust to your changing shape, and all you can find is a thread on mumsnet about just wearing a pair of old leggings instead of bothering with new stuff. Err….no sorry. Won’t do.

But at the same time, this time of your life is fraught with money worries…over a year period, once the baby comes, I’ll be living on less than half my salary…so spending LOADSA MONEY on clothes which I can only wear for a few months seems nuts. So in this blog I’ll be writing about how I’m dressing to suit my growing bump, clothes I’m picking up for new, second hand or from the back of the wardrobe. I’ll focus on maternity wear but also good normal clothes which work for maternity shapes and then can be worn post baby…

I’ll feature my daily outfits (if they’re not shit) and talk about different style trends and tricky problems I have as the pregnancy progresses..

I suppose this is why pregnancy blogs are few and far between..To follow my blog you have to be both preggo and preggo at the same time as me, for the seasons and styles to work…but hopefully you’ll get something out of it and I get to take loads of pics of myself so everyone’s a winner.

REALLY helpful thread on mumsnet

REALLY helpful thread on mumsnet