Shirt dress in style

So I wrote a post this week about my ideas for my A/W didn’t take me long to spring into action and try it out. 
Friday was rain central and yesterday I met my bestie for brunch in London Bridge which is a wind tunnel due to all the tall buildings. And today it’s warmish but overcast. 

So on Friday I wore a new Zara black shirt dress with maternity leggings and black trainers. I was the perfect temperature. The shirt dress is more like a long shirr tbh. There’s no way I could wear it with tights instead of leggings but that’s ok. And it’ll be great once the baby comes out. 

Yesterday I wore another Zara shirt dress..this one is a bit longer and thicker..I was the perfect temp again for most of the trip, but then it warmed up in the afternoon and I started getting a little hot under the collar. It’ll be great for actual winter though. Plus I could wear it without tights. 

Today I’m just mega caj in maternity leggings and an asos loungewear top. Plus black trainers. I’m actually quite hot. 
And there you have it..Lara’s temperate update. 

I’m really doing this as a sort of clothing’s good to know what clothes you reach for most..what you wear time and time you don’t waste money on clothes you like but don’t suit your lifestyle. That’s what my capsule wardrobe guru, Caroline, from unfancy says anyways. 

So maybe in a month I’ll look back and see how I’ve done. I’m on an economy drive again..well I never really stopped feeling like I was on an economy drive, I just kept failing. But I can’t buy any more clothes now. I have to be forced into a capsule wardrobe. I’ll be fine as long as the temperate drops to about 9 degrees in the next day. 


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